Teach Artificial Intelligence (AI) To Non-experts (Everyone)

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Through this funding, we are hoping to bring fruits of Artificial Intelligence and its applications to the hands of non-experts

About me

We are a group of Researchers and Scientists that specialize in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Computer Science. We believe the fruit of AI should reach everyone so that people can build better preparation for the future. 

About this project

We want to use the money in a multiphase project which aims to build easy education materials and interactive learning models for common people to learn the basics of AI. This course material going to come with useful practical applications. The funding we are going to rise going to be used to create MVPs and proof of concept education materials. 

Rewards on offer

We believe this project build a society that is ready for the future. People with talents can earn for their livelihood and create and sustainable society for everyone. 

Risks and challenges

We see very minimum risks

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