Updates for North by Southwest Anthology

Signed copies & launch

Your books are close to being sent out & should be with you soon - all the funded copies have been signed and are being packaged up now ready to be sent out. You should receive your copy really soon!

The art is also close to being sent out but will arrive separately to the book as they are coming direct from the artist & the books are being sent by the publisher.

Full steam ahead

Exciting news

All proofs have been corrected and the book is off to the printer (and the e-book to KDP) and we are looking at a publication date in around 4 weeks time. When we get an exact date we'll update you.

Please do ensure we have an up to date address from you if you've ordered the physical book or prints! (mail Northbristolwriting at gmail.com)

Our next update will be the publication date and details of the launch!

We have proofs

So the proofs have arrived and are being pored over by our writers. Once any last remaining niggles, typos and errors are spotted and ruthlessly eliminated we'll be sending it off to the printer. The next update will hopefully be - "we've sent it to the printer" & an estimated delivery date.

If you chose a reward that included the art, and have yet to specify which picture you want & what size, then please drop us an email at Northbristolwriting at gmail dot com.

It's all go - 2015

Happy New Year!

We've sent the files to the publisher and are in that back and forwards bit of making sure everything is just right before the design and typesetting is started. As yet we still don't have an ETA but are moving forwards. Once everything is set we'll get a schedule in place and as soon as we know, we'll let you know!

Attention those who have chosen an art reward

For all those who have a choice of art in your reward (if you pledged for the "Oscar Wilde" (3 signed prints) or the "Dr Seuss" (1 signed print) then please send us a mail with which print(s) you'd like! If you'd like them in A3 or A4 and if you'd like them B&W (as they appear in the book) or colour

All the art can be seen on our Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/NBSWanthology 

If you are not on Facebook let us know & we'll sort something out.