Updates for Bristol Refugee Rights Advice Service

Changes to BRR Advice Service

Thanks to your support the advice service at BRR will not be closing but it will be changing to run on a smaller budget.  In April the days and ways of working for the Advice team will be changing.  The rationale and principles of the changes include:

Protection needs: sharing information about asylum processes, preparing people for what may happen next, advice which empowers people to navigate the asylum system.

MollyMEP visits

The funding appeal was intended to run the advent period but over the holiday period a decision was made to keep it open. . .  BRR still have a lot more to raise even when we get to the 29k target and more and more people are hearing about the work of BRR and what a loss to Bristol it would be if the advice service were to close.  That is why Molly Scott Cato MEP visited today.  She was so pleased to see practical action to tackle the #HostileEnvironment

Thank you for helping us to keep it going!

Happy New Year from the Bristol Refugee Rights team!

Happy New Year from the Bristol Refugee Rights team! 

Many thanks to you for sharing, pledging and supporting our advent campaign which ended with nearly £20,000 raised.

In 2018 we worked in solidarity with, offered safety for, and created action for change, for over a thousand asylum seekers and refugees in Bristol. Formal partnerships were formed with human rights champions in other parts of England! Networks in Bristol were strengthened!

One day left to go!

Hi everyone, we have just one day left for our Advent Campaign, we are still short of our target so one last push from our side! 

Huge thanks to everyone that has pledged so far, we currently have £17,691 pledged of our £29,000 goal from 273 supporters which is 61% raised of the total.

We are working on every angle we can to secure additional funding for 2019 and beyond. 

Elinor Harris who manages the team of staff and volunteers at BRR explains about our Advice Service:

We have gone past £10,000!

We have now gone past the £10K mark, thank you all of sharing and pledging, we are standing at £10,598 pledged of our £29,000 goal from 119 supporters which is 37% of our target for our advice service.

Fantastic effort everyone, please keep sharing! 

Our advice service is desperately in need of funding to prevent migrants in Bristol from destitution and homelessness

Can you help? Please watch, like & share our video & appeal. Every pledge helps!

Nearly 100 supporters so far!

Thanks for sharing everyone! We have gone past £6000 and have nearly 100 supporters. Our Xmas Advent Campaign has a week left to run to keep pushing out as far as we can. We will then continue fundraising for our core cost targets in 2019, enabling us to continue to support refugees coming into Bristol who need support. 

Over 50 supporters and £3000 milestone hit!

Thank you all so much for pledging to our project. It means so much! 

£29k will keep the Advice Service running until May so while we have a long way to go, going past £3000 is a great milestone to hit, please do keep sharing on social media and with your friends & family, it really adds up and helps the project reach more people. 

Here is a short link and some info you can share :)