Bristol Refugee Rights Advice Service

Our Advice Project is running out of funds. We need to raise £29k during the period of advent - 1st – 25th December.


Bristol Refugee Rights welcome people seeking asylum, newly registered refugees and trafficked people in Bristol.  We work in partnership with others to combat poverty and destitution and to promote justice.  We empower people and promote equality of opportunity.

The Advice Service is one of five complimentary projects run by Bristol Refugee Rights.  It includes the Asylum Support Project (ASP).  The only established advice service for people seeking asylum and a way out of destitution in the South West. Last year ASP helped 139 people out of destitution.  The wider Advice Team support people to access things which we should all have - shelter, food, healthcare, quality advice to navigate complex legal processes.

Why we are crowdfunding

We have been funded by the Big Lottery, AB Charitable Trust, Access to Justice Foundation, the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2017 and many other kind individuals and small trusts to date. Sadly our grant funding is coming to an end and we have not managed to secure funds to keep the Advice Service running.  People who come to us have fled their country and home because their rights and entitlements were eroded by authoritarian regimes, civil war situation and other dire circumstances. People come to the UK because they believe that it is a country which respects human rights and which will protect them.  Unfortunately for many, reality does not match their expectations.  Often people seeking asylum find themselves merely in a new battle to have their rights recognised.

£29k will keep the Advice Service running until May. 

Each month the Advice Service support around 100 people to navigate the complex asylum process, to know how to change their situations, and to have the necessary support to do this. We provide interpreters where needed and help people get a solicitor and understand the solicitor’s advice. We support people to appeal against refusal of asylum support (accommodation and minimal funds to live off).

  • 100% success on asylum support appeals
  • 66 people granted basic Home Office support as a result of BRR work last year
  • A further 461 people in need were helped to improve their situation last year

“I cannot say thank you enough to BRR Advice Service.  Around this time last year my wife had a serious stroke and our initial claim for asylum was refused.  We were faced with the likelihood of homelessness for Christmas.  With the Advice Team help we were able to get a legal aid funded lawyer who started a fresh claim and then with the help of a second lawyer, arranged by BRR, the eviction was prevented.  As Christians this time of year is especially important to us.  We don’t know what we would have done without the advice and support.”  BRR member


The team and our partners

Elinor, Tony, Deb, Rosa, Emma are the small staff team who are supported by a dedicated and skilled volunteer team.  BRR are supported by the Bristol branch of the British Red Cross, Migrant Legal Project, Fountain Solicitors, Deighton Pierce Glynn Solicitors, Asylum Support Appeals Project, Bristol Hospitality Network, local legal aid solicitors and others.

“We rely heavily on the expertise of the Asylum Support Project (ASP) in helping our members when they're eligible to apply for support, or when they're already entitled to support but there's a delay in accessing it (we’ve seen more of the latter in the last year). They're a crucial part of the process of helping our members out of destitution.  ASP have expertise that we don't have and they're accessible and available face to face, which makes a great deal of difference to the members. Being based at Malcolm X Community Centre, which members are familiar with, makes a difference too.” Penny, Bristol Hospitality Network


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This project ends on Tuesday the 25th of December, 2018

This is a take what you raise project. At the end of the funding period the project owner receives all of the pledged funds.

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£35 – Understanding

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pays for an interpreter for an hour to support someone speaking limited English to understand their rights and navigate complex legal systems

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£100 – A supportive interview

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pays to support a person with information about obtaining housing, accessing appropriate healthcare and getting education

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£86 – Transport

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pays for a return train ticket to Liverpool to submit further submissions of evidence. It must be done in person and the Home Office have decided it must be in Liverpool.

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