Updates for Bring Darth Vader to the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

Claiming Rewards

Thank you so much for supporting the event and helping to bring the Darth Vader hot air balloon to the Fiesta. We will be in touch tomorrow (Monday 5 August) via e-mail with all those who have selected a reward with details of how to claim your reward.

In the meantime please share your excitement and enthusiasm with friends and family and help us hit our campaign target to support this iconic, international event. 

We look forward to seeing you at the event next week.

Darth Vader Update!

How can we thank you enough for your support? Well we have a plan. As you all know this is currently an all-or-nothing campaign. However, with your incredible help we’ve raised enough to bring the Darth Vader balloon to the Fiesta and any additional funds we now raise will support this iconic not-for-profit event.

Therefore tonight, we’ll be changing this to an open-ended project and tomorrow we’ll officially announce that Darth Vader will be coming home for the Fiesta and all of you brilliant pledgers will receive the rewards you so deserve. 

New rewards added!

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us get closer to our goal. We're quickly approaching the 30 per cent mark and we're really over the moon with the support we've received.

We've added a host of new rewards to the campaign this week, including unique behind the scenes tours of the Cameron Balloons factory, special message announcements to be broadcast during the event and assistance with setting up the perfect proposal at the Fiesta.