Updates for Pay every UK citizen an unconditional basic income

Why choose an unconditional basic income?


Why do we need to pay everyone an unconditional basic income?

1. Automation

As more and more jobs become automated, more and more people face the prospect of “unemployment”

Its either “no job, no money, no live” or we do something about it.

2. We are born on to a planet which freely provides all the resources necessary for us to fulfil our right to live.

After that we can do stuff to make life better and/or more interesting.

You could be over £100 a week better off, without changing a thing.

If your annual salary is £14,000, you currently take home £13,200 every year. (after paying 20% income tax)

With the tax free unconditional basic income you get £7,000 (after paying 50% income tax) + £11,375 (tax free unconditional basic income) taking home £18,375 every year.

So, with Unconditional Basic Income You're £5,175 a year better off

That's almost £100 a week!!!!!!!!

Free Yourself........

Why Give Everyone an Unconditional Basic Income?

1. Students would be free to study at Uni

2. Stay at home parents would be free to nurture their own children.

3. Budding entrepreneurs would be free to develop their ideas and products and help provide the solutions to some of the critical situations we face as a species.

green party shows its true colours

"The green party will not provide costings of their citizens income in their manifesto."

No No No No No

Sorry but that's an absolute disgrace.

"Were committed to it, but not enough to commit to how much it will be or how we will raise the money, so basically nice idea but were not that committed at all actually....."

The green party, just the same as all the other establishment parties.

I better get chanting because I have no choice now. I simply must raise the £1,200 to stand.

Cameron or Mutch? Who's the Loony?


David Cameron (Conservative) says....

"The Unemployed will have to do community work under Tories."

"Eighteen-to-21-year-olds who have not had a job for six months will lose benefits unless they start apprenticeship or complete community work."

Eric Mutch (Monster Raving Loony) says...........

"The best way to create a living wage is empower workers with the freedom to withdraw their labour at any time, without losing the ability to support themselves financially. Then let true free market forces do the rest"