Updates for Emergency fund for the Homeless with Give a Sh#t Xmas

Feed the Homeless Bristol Crowdfunding update

We thought you would like an update on how your donations are being spent and how the ever changing situation is developing.

On 29th March Feed the Homeless decided the walk that evening would be the last for now and that we would focus on the 200+ people that had been taken off the streets and placed in accommodation by providing them with packs of essential items.

Feed the Homeless/Give a Sh#t Xmas Crowdfunding Campaign update #2

Hi to all backers

We just wanted to give you another quick update on the Feed the Homeless crowdfunding campaign that you have so generously contributed to.

The response we have had so far has been overwhelming and we are already closing in on our initial target of £5000 which of course is fabulous.

Therefore we have taken the decision to raise our target to £7500 which at the present rate of progress we feel that is easily reachable.


Here’s an update on what’s going on with our homeless/rough sleeping population in Bristol.

The council have taken over a number of hotels, youth hostels and b&bs, which they are moving everyone on the streets into so they can isolate. Most people have now been housed.

If you see anyone out you can check with them whether they’ve been housed. If not direct them to the council offices at 100 Temple Street during office hours. They are housing everyone regardless of their refugee status or connection to the city. Out of office hours still use Streetlink on 0300 500 0914.