Rewards for Fairfield High School essential technology fundraiser

Support this project and get these fantastic rewards!

£10 – Donation

£10 tops up the fund and helps a child who's been struggling to get online.

You'll receive a nice warm glow for the rest of the day.

£30 – Donation

£30 is the rough cost of a month's mobile internet access so a child can get connected and take part in online lessons.

You'll receive a big bundle of good vibes to last a few days.

£50 – Donation

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£50 goes a long way to providing a dongle and internet access for a child who's been struggling to keep up with those more fortunate.

You'll receive a week's worth of virtual thanks and all of the above.

£100 – Donation

£100 significantly part-finances a laptop for one of our students who is patiently waiting to connect online.

You'll receive a good helping of positive vibrations for the week ahead.

£315 – Donation

£315 buys a laptop for a child who's been trying to get by with little or no online access. You'll have made such an important contribution to a child's welfare.

There's a lot of good karma coming your way!

£500 – Donation

£500 helps to close the digital divide at our school. Your donation means a gigantic leap forward for the fund and a lot of big smiles.

You'll receive a huge virtual hug for being so generous and helping so much, as well as all the above rewards.

£1,000 – Donation

£1000 buys laptops for three children. That's three futures which you'll have helped to change.

You'll receive a massive virtual hug for being such a legend and helping to bridge the gap between the haves and the have-nots. Look out for the shower of positivity that's coming your way.