Updates for Fairfield High School essential technology fundraiser

We've reached £6,575

We've reached £6,575

The appeal fund total now stands at £6,575 and we'd like to say a big thank you for your help.

School staff are under immense pressure in the current lockdown and are working at full tilt, trying to ensure that no students are left behind. They are all incredibly grateful for the extra tech support which you are helping to fund through this campaign.

We've reached £5,975

Appeal reaches £5,975

The appeal total has now reached £5,975 and we are well on our way to making a significant dent in the technology shortfall which is affecting many of our students and their families.

The response so far has been fantastic and we will be increasing the appeal target as soon as we have the latest summary of needs from the school IT department.

A big thank you !!

Yes! We did it - Stage 1 achieved!

What an amazing group you are - to have raised £5000 in just 10 days for a project which will make so much difference to so many of the children who have been struggling to get connected online.

Of course the appeal will carry on and we'll be moving to Stage 2 in the New Year focusing on local businesses and a wider network of contributors in an attempt to close the remaining digital divide in our school.

You are all so brilliant and deserve an enormous amount of praise and thanks.

Stars, each and every one of you.

You've helped push us to £4,500 !!

Our Stage 1 target is in sight and edging closer.

We know it's going to be tough in 2021 and we want to do everything in our power to help ensure that no child or family is left behind, unable to access the crucial online learning which will be needed. The school is doing its best but needs our support to make this happen.

The response to the appeal so far has been brilliant and we now need a final push over the Christmas period.

Please continue to share and to add a little extra if you can - every donation is important, however small.

We've passed the £3000 mark thanks to your support !!

We have passed the £3000 mark in the tech appeal - an astonishing feat in just a couple of days thanks to your extraordinary generosity.

To all of you who have contributed so far we are incredibly grateful. You should feel proud to be so instrumental in supporting a project which will make such a positive difference to so many.

Please continue to share the appeal to those who may not be aware of the Fundsurfer page and who might feel able to support the fund.

Every pound donated will make a difference to a child in difficulty.