Updates for Help the Stokes Croft Land Trust purchase its first building and bring it into community ownership

Share offer next actions

A key date for the Land Trust is on Tuesday when we meet with the current owners again.  We shall look to draw down your pledges once we have an agreement from the current owners on the terms of the sale, which we hope to be forthcoming very soon.  

I shall update you again with the timescale on which the money will be drawn down from your accounts / cards after this meeting. 


All the best & many thanks again for your support,


Director, Stokes Croft Land Trust

45 Mins to go!

Thank you so much for your support, every investor and every investment has brought us to one step closer to securing our own community owned building in Stokes Croft. 

With 45 mins to go on our share offer we have an amazing 427 investors pledging £325,090 towards our £345,000 maximum total. 

We are very proud of the strength of support for community ownership and community shares.

If you know anyone who wants to invest and hasn't done so yet, do please tell them to be quick! 

Thanks again,


Stokes Croft Land Trust Director


Minimum target reached!


We’ve got big news… We have reached our minimum target!

This is down to you, for your belief and your action which have helped us gain a significant social investment from Booster Fund managed by Co-operatives UK. With over 330 investors now amassed, we are energised to go for the maximum target of £345,000 by Tuesday 31st May 2022.

Please shout about this as loud as you can:

1. Share it on your social channels.

2. Tell your friends and family networks.

3. See if your workplace can make a charitable donation.

Extending the Closing Date

Thank you so much to everyone who has committed investment for shares in the Land Trust so far! We have had such a brilliant response so far as the idea of community asset ownership transforms in a reality.  At the moment the total committed is approaching £190,000.

Join us for our exhibition!


Thank you for joining us on our campaign to purchase the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft in Bristol. So far, we have raised over £175,000 of our £272,000 minimum target, with more than 235 investors. 

Our latest exhibition, exploring the history and role of community land ownership, opens at 12 pm today at The Vestibules, City Hall, College Green. 

£160,000 raised!


We are delighted to announce that we have reached over £160,000 of our £272,000 minimum target to purchase 17-25 Jamaica Street and 14 Hillgrove Street (PRSC HQ) and transfer the building into community ownership. Thank you for joining over 200 other investors to make this possible so far! 

You can still help us to reach more people by telling your friends, family and colleagues about what we are aiming to achieve and sharing our Fundsurfer page with them www.fundsurfer.com/sclt

Over £150,000 invested so far!


Yes! In just three weeks since launch, we have now reached over £150,000! Thank you for investing with us; we are one step closer to reaching our minimum target of £272,000 - can we get to £200,000 before the end of the year? With your support, we can… 

Remember that money will not be taken from the chosen payment method (debit/credit card or bank transfer) until the project has reached its target level, this may not be until February 2022. 

Can you help us reach more local people and businesses?


Thank you for supporting the Stokes Croft Land Trust’s community share offer campaign. We are close to reaching yet another milestone, with almost £150,000 invested of our £272,000 minimum target and we have around 150 investors so far. 

Below, we have dedicated a special thank you video to everyone who has made this possible so far. 


Over £120,000 raised in 36 hours!


After launching our community share offer campaign at 10am yesterday, we have raised a total of £124,405 which is almost 50% to our minimum target of £272,000. This couldn’t have been possible without your support and so from everyone here at the Stokes Croft Land Trust, we wanted to say thank you.