Updates for Funding Ukrainian Emergency Aid & Supplies

Emergency Water Appeal

We are currently trying to raise funds for emergency water units we now have access to. 

2.2 Billion people need emergency water now! 1.1 Million people in Ukraine have no access to running clean water currently. 

We want to provide life-saving mobile water treatment systems to areas in Ukraine that need emergency water now. Some of the hospitals we have been supplying aid too don't have clean water they need.  Please help us provide clean water. 

You can donate here or go to our new dedicated page for water unit systems.

£23,176 raised! Now extending target to £40,000 - THANK YOU ALL!

First of all a massive thank you to everyone involved with our campaign, from the volunteers and partners to the donors supporting us, you have all been amazing. While we are dealing with a truly horrific situation in Ukraine, your help and support has kept everyone on the team going and pushing forward.

Your donations have helped us to:

-Evacuate over 300 women and children to safe locations


-Deliver aid from US, Europe and U.K. to Ukraine directly


-Set up two warehouses and a logistics hub and volunteer network in Ukraine and Poland.