Updates for Baba Ganoush Kitchen Needs Your Help!

Over and out

It's a very delayed update due to the time it is taking to recover from this ordeal but Shad has been home and back in the community since late August and overwhelmed with your love and support. 

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Peace and love

Appealing for tag on exceptional medical grounds.

Thank you all so much for your donations and support so far.

We have now been informed that we can appeal to the Governor of the prison for early release on tag due to exceptional medical circumstances. Those being in brief that Shad still has not had access to his urgently needed operation, his emergency neurology consultation for the migraines he is still suffering from 24hrs a day without his pain medication, his dangerously high blood pressure etc all of which the GP at Portland said they can do nothing about as there is no hospital there..! 

A (small) Win!

Last week we returned to Crown Court to face the same judge who sentenced Shad, to apply to him to ammend the sentence which our barrister argued was miscalculated by the judge at sentencing. We weren't expecting him to allow this due to previous encounters with him but we wanted 2.5 weeks taken off the overall sentence and he rounded it up to 3 weeks! This means Shad will serve 1.5 weeks less in prison without medical care or his medication which for us is actually a great win! It won't be long now until he is back with us feeding you all! Peace and love 

Appeal news

Firstly we want to thank you all for your support in all the various forms you have been giving it. We are so blessed to be so loved and supported by our wonderful community and you have made this difficult experience so much easier by standing by our side. 

50% raised update

Dear all, thanks to you all we have now reached 50% of our initial goal to launch an appeal for Shad's release! Shad still doesn't have the medical treatment or medication he needs despite best efforts from out here and his conditions are inhumane. The barrister has been working hard on the case and we are waiting to hear next steps. Going through all the paperwork is taking time but fingers crossed it's worth it 🤞Peace and love ❤ 

Thank you all!

Dear Baba G Community, thanks to all of your kindness and help we have already reached 30% of our goal! We have been overwhelmed by everyone's offers of help and love. Thank you all SO much. We love you! Dael, Shad and Rudy ❤