Thank you all so much for you donations last year, the trip was a huge success!

November 2019


Thank you all so much for you donations last year, the trip was a huge success! The janitorial supplies we took over lasted them for months! With the supplies and the work we did while we were out there we were able to help hundreds of refugees living in appalling conditions in the absolutely freezing weather.

It was such an eye opener to to witness both the plight of the refugees but also the incredible amount of support, solidarity and love given by all the volunteer organisations operating out there on the ground. Refugee Community Kitchen is a truly amazing organisation, not only producing over 2000 free hot meals a day for refugees in camps and on the streets but also providing them with bags of fire wood every day as well as tents, sleeping bags and clothing.

It went so well last time and we were so inspired by what we saw that we're going out again to take out suppliers and help in the kitchen and warehouse in a couple of weeks. This time I'm taking 3 friends form school to help out too.

We have a new fund raising page to raise money for our travel and accommodation expenses here. Any additional funds raised will go directly to RCK for them to purchase more life saving suppliers for refugees in France this winter.

Please donate a few pounds if you can!

Thank you so much!

Maya, Halle, Connie, Lidia and Joby.

Crowdfunding project

My trip to Calais - donations for food for refugees

I am going to Calais in January to work in the RCK kitchen. We are funding our own trip so the money raised on here goes towards food for refugees.

Funding successful

£1,383 raised