My trip to Calais - donations for food for refugees


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I am going to Calais in January to work in the RCK kitchen. We are funding our own trip so the money raised on here goes towards food for refugees.

I am going to Calais with my dad in January with Refugee Community Kitchen. We will be helping prepare food in the kitchen and serving it to refugees living on the streets of Calais. The refugees are people that have had to flee their own country to avoid war and persecution yet unfortunately end up on the streets of France still being persecuted and living in poverty. If you were born in a war torn country this could be you. My dad is funding our trip so the money you donate will go solely to buy food supplies to bring over to Calais. Please do your part in making a change.

To find more information about the charity here is the link to their website- 

And here is the link to their Facebook-


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