Assault on Precinct Canteen


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A range of prints of the model Assault on Precinct Canteen. A zombie attack on Bristol's favourite night out and creative hub.

I come to you from another dimension an alternative and darker Bristol. From that world I bring you experiences and tales and pieces of art. Today I am asking you to help me create works of art, the profits of which will also fund my next project. I want to share this weird and spooky world with you, but I need your help and some pounds.


Due to space and funding (quantum entangled telegraphs aren't cheap you know) I decided to use fund surfer to find out how much of everything people would like. So please purchase some of Bristol's finest art and help a inter-dimensional artist make some more pieces.


Art below ranges from affordable to the fancy bits and bobs that are worth a few more pounds. You can even purchase the original model itself which will allow me to create even more of my alternative realities of Bristol. I hope you enjoyed seeing it and I look forward to hearing from at least 3 of you.



All the best.

Mx Fingerpaint


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This project ended on 31 October 2015

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£1 – Thanks!

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I will literally will you positive energy!

£10 – A5 affordable card print of Assault on Precinct Canteen (210 x 148 mm)

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Get your own post card print and a heavy dose of positive energy and thanks. This is the affordable art that you can all share. Perfect for your Nan for christmas. Free Fingerpaint official sticker also included inside! Free delivery to UK (note that photo is just an example and not final product)

£25 – 7" Framed Prints of Assault on Precinct Canteen (7"x5")

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A nice print perfect for your hallway, stairs, toilet or garden shed. Also includes a free Fingerpaint sticker and an A5 postcard to send from your favourite holiday spot. Free delivery to UK (note that photo is just an example and not final product)

£50 – 60cm x 40cm Canvas print of Assault on Precinct Canteen.(24" x 16")

A limited edition print on canvas (art is 45% better on a canvas). Detailed gore and hijinks. Still includes an a5 card of the work and the official work of art, Fingerpaint sticker ( for the kids.) Delivery to be discussed.

£3,000 – The actual model. Assault on Precinct Canteen(with that big box)

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The actual model, complete with box. Fingerpaint's sweat, blood and maybe one tear (from toxic glue fumes) went into this model. You could have your own display of carnage and mayhem from an alternative dimension. A definite cocktail party talking point. Delivery to be discussed.

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