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This project finished on Tuesday the 30th of September, 2014

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The Bristol Volunteers Card project will partner with local businesses to reward volunteers for all the hard work they do in our city.

The Bristol Volunteers Card is being set up to reward the people in Bristol who give their time freely for charities and non-profit organisations. We are partnering with Bristol businesses to bring discounts, incentives and rewards to volunteers in Bristol and the South-West. What's more, the fundamental idea of this card is that it is free to volunteers.

We also want to create a community of volunteers and supporters of charities and non-profit organisations in Bristol and the South-West. This can help volunteers meet other volunteers and discover opportunities to offer their skills to the non-profit sector. It also provides charities with a platform to advertise their positions and dip into the pool of professional and volunteer talent available in Bristol.

Our further aim is to also support local businesses and are looking to partner with recognisable Bristol brands, such as Boston Tea Party, art centres, such as the Arnolfini,  and smaller local independents, such as No. 20, all of who are already going to support Bristol Volunteers Card by giving 10% discount to card holders.

With Bristol Volunteers Card everyone wins. Volunteers are rewarded for the work they do, charities can find the best talent to help their organisations and concentrate their funding on service users, rather than staffing and admin costs, and local businesses are promoted through their support of the project.

To start this project we need some initial funding for our intended mid-September roll out. We need funds to:

  • Develop our website and social media and pay for website hosting and promotion fees,
  • Office space and equiptment, including a server and computers,
  • Do our first print run of 500 Bristol Volunteer Cards,
  • Marketing materials to promote the project to local businesses,
  • Expenses associated with contacting every business in Bristol and persuading them to back our project (this mainly involves vast quantities of coffee).

Check out what we are already doing on Twitter @BrizVolCard. Follow us and retweet to show your support.

We would also like to thank some of the businesses in Bristol who are already supporting us:

Boston Tea Party, 

The Arnolfini,

The Hippodrome,

The Volunteers Tavern,

The Library,

No 20,

The Treehouse Cafe,

Cox & Baloney,

Quarter Furniture,

@ The Well, 

Hooper House Cafe,

and we are adding more to the list every day...



pledged of £1,800 goal (GBP)

30% pledged



This project ended on 30 September 2014

This is a take what you raise project. At the end of the funding period the project owner receives all of the pledged funds.

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Get these rewards

£5 – A big thank you.

We will provide a great big thank you to you permanently on the supporters page of our website.

£25 – A Bristol Volunteers Card

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Get this reward

You can have one of our first batch of Bristol Volunteers Cards, which will entitle you to the same discounts and membership benefits as our volunteer members.

£500 – Your logo on our Bristol Volunteers Card

Are you a business who really wants to support us. This donation level will get your company logo on the Bristol Volunteers Card to permanently show your support for our project.

£2 – Thank you Tweet

We will send you a personalised thank you tweet from our official twitter page.

£100 – 10 Bristol Volunteers Cards - Charity & Non-profit agencies only.

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Get your organisation in at the beginning. If you are a Charity or Non-profit agency in Bristol and help us meet our starting costs, we will give you 10 Bristol Volunteer Cards hot of the press and give your agency first preference for our initial roll out.

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