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In June I am part of a trip with my school, Ashton Park, where we are building and painting classrooms as well as a clean water system in Tanzania!

At my school, Ashton Park, there is a trip this June to fly out to Tanzania for 3 weeks and help out in the community. During our stay we would be building a clean water system in a community centre, and building and decorating classrooms. Also we will be spending a few days visiting an orphanage as well as a primary school. As you can tell this would be an amazing experience, and volunteering in another country is something I have always wanted to do - so when this opportunity came around I jumped at the chance. The video above is of last years trip having a great time in Tanzania!

I have been raising funds for a long time, and have completed several cake sales as well as 2 abseils off the Bristol Avon Gorge. If you have any suggestions of what else I can do to raise money then please say!

This project within my school has been going for the past 10 years, and Ashton Park has built up a link with several people and areas out over in this part of Africa (Tanzania and Kenya). Each year a group of students raise the funds to go and have an experience which they won't forget. Over 150+ Students from Ashton Park have visited the partnered school with over 20 teachers being involved in curriculum exchanges and development. The Inspirations School has grown from 48 pupils to capacity of over 800. During this time more than £60,000 has been raised for this project, and I really want to take part.

The complete price of the trip is around £2800, with £1300 going towards flights, food, accomodation and medication (4 jabs and malaria tablets) the other £1500 is going towards the materials needed to build the classrooms and water system. This is such a small cost for the amount of experience we are going to get - and all the things we are going to do, but I can't raise it all alone, and this is where I need your help. 

If you could kindly donate any amount of money (as it all helps) I would be extremely grateful! And depending on the amount of money you donate, you could be eligible for some of the rewards.

Thank you so much,




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