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Escape From Earth is a side scrolling platform game. You play as an alien, who is trying to make his way back home.


Escape from Earth is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle platformer. Your endearing alien character from the Planet Dyeog's normal day of delivering experimental space creatures has been turned upside down by mechanical errors on their ship. You find yourself hurling off course crashing onto planet Earth. You must collect coins and gems to fix your ship to return to Dyeog. You will come across many of the strange and sometimes dangerous experimental creatures that have fallen from your ships cargo. Good luck on your quest, Dyeogian. This is the style of game you would sit down to play for a couple of minutes and hours can pass by playing it.

Why support this project? 

I was diagnosed as having semantic pragmatic disorder (part of the Autism spectrum) as a young child. I did struggle at school and after leaving I found myself getting more and more interested in game development. I worked on escape from earth with some friends. I was introduced to the Leeds advonet service who offered me a mentor, thanks to both the help and support of the service and the mentor I was able to move on more with the development of the game. My aim is now to prove that autism is not a barrier to achieving your dreams and goals. Please pledge and share now!

 You’re an alien trapped on planet earth, due to your space ship breaking down, your mission should you choose to accept it is to make your way back home to planet Dyeog. Across all levels there will be gems and coins to be collected, but beware earth enemies and the boss will try to stop you from doing this. Gems and coins can be traded for earth weapons and items to heal your health.

In-game features include;

Multiple aliens all with different abilities and power ups.

Puzzle levels.

Hidden secrets.


Our progress so far

We are going to be featured on Xbox which is AWESOME! We are also talking to a number of different funding partners to match fund and support Escape from Earth. 


How can I help?

Please donate now and then share the project page on social media to your friends and family or work colleges.

Why are we crowd funding?

We are looking to raise the additional funding needed to make the best game we can. I would like the gaming community to help so they can see where it goes and help make decisions for the game.

If there is any over queastions you would like to ask me just send me a message or email.

We have a number of rewards to offer from escape from earth sign t shirts to darknight-studio t shirts with are signed. Below you can see a one of the escape from earth posters. There are also 6 e-postcards of different designs. Also all backers will be entered in to prize draw to win one of the following prizes. Check out rewards now! 


Escape From Earth Poster

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