The Hunger


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Upcoming film, video game, and comic series: The Hunger is sure to satisfy your taste in the morbid.

‘Follow Natalie as she struggles to fight the forces pulling her deep into a savage underworld.'

Fans of genre-movies, arcade games, and the occult will be interested in being a part of our new transmedia project, The Hunger. Our ambition is to create a film, a comic series, and a multi-platform video game experience- exploring the life and struggles of a 23 year old cannibal.


Now is your chance to be a part of the action.


The Hunger, and The Hunger 'Awoken', bring together a team of young filmmakers and artists looking to create something original and captivating.The cast and crew of The Hunger were initially brought together as students of Emerson College. Our team consists of people from different disciplines and backgrounds, working together to create something unique- experimenting with transmedia storytelling.

See The People.


"Play as Natalie, and others of her kind; completing rituals and satisfying their malignant hunger in the upcoming multi-platform video game."


More on 'Awoken'  here


Concept images from The Hunger 'Awoken'.


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This project ended on 11 September 2015

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£1 – Thanks!

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Thank you for the support.

£5 – First Look

Get exclusive access to our behind the scenes backer mailing list.

£10 – The Film, The Game, and Comic Issue #1

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You get the film, game, and comic upon release.
+All previous rewards.

£50 – The Behind the Scenes and Art Book.

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Get an inside look at the art of The Hunger.
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£75 – The T Shirt.

Get an exclusive "The Hunger" T shirt.
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£100 – The Party.

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Get invited to our exclusive launch event in Boston!
Get a special movie poster for The Hunger.
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£250 – Props!

We'll mail you a prop from the making of the film.
Get a special backer credit on The Hunger.
+All previous rewards.

£1,000 – Associate Producer

Become an associate producer on the film.
Get an IMDB credit for your contribution!
+All previous rewards.

£5,000 – Executive Producer

Become an Executive Producer on The Hunger.
Receive a special secret prize.
+All previous rewards.

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