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I'm Dom B Coll, I'm 16, and I'm raising funds to travel to Tanzania to help install a clean water supply at a school in a poor rural area.

I'm going to Africa with a party from my school, Ashton Park in Bristol, to install a water supply at Suye School, Arusha, Tanzania. This will mean the students will get clean, plentiful drinking water for the first time ever.

We are spending three weeks in Tanzania, and each of us has to fund-raise separately to pay for building materials, plus our travel and accommodation costs. It will cost us more than £3,000 EACH!!!  So I am launching this appeal to get as much of it as possible from you kind people.

I am really looking forward to the trip because as well as being a worthwhile thing to do, it will give us an amazing insight into the lives of young people in Africa.

My family and I have already done a fair bit of fund-raising, including a benefit concert at the Thunderbolt, Bristol and a table top sale at Totterdown Baptist Church.

But I'm still a long way short of the total – hence this appeal.

We will spend the greater part of our their trip doing building work at Suye School, including the installation of a rainwater harvesting, storage and filtration system. We will then ‘relax’ by climbing to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain!

All money donated to my fund will be used to help reach my personal FundSurfer target of £1,000. In the unlikely event of a surplus, it will be put towards Ashton Park School’s fund for next year’s Africa trip.

Ashton Park School has a proud tradition of taking students to Africa to help build schools. They have built at least one school in Kenya completely from scratch. The projects are chosen after careful consultation with the communities involved.

Here's a video of last year's trip:

And here's the school website with full details of what we're doing this year:

It's a great cause, so please give generously.

All the best



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How often do you get a proper letter nowadays? Well if you're one of the first ten kind people to pledge me £10 I will write you a real thank you letter, like Grannies get at Christmas. Or if you prefer, I'll just thank you on Facebook.

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£25 – A gift from a Tanzanian market

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For all my generous donors of £25 or more, I will bring back a small gift from a Tanzanian market as a token of my appreciation. Let me know if there's something in particular that you would like. And I do appreciate your generosity!

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The price of immortality is £50! For this very generous amount I will write your name in the soil or rock of Mount Kilimanjaro. I will then photograph the name and send you the snap. For ecological reasons, I won't write the name in a way that will stay permanently or damage the environment. But the photo will capture the moment, and you'll be there in spirit with me! (Photo: Creative Commons)