The Man's Hands - Darren Hodge's Music Video

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Award winning young blues and folk guitarist wants to make his first music video.


My name is Darren Hodge, I am a finger-picking folk and blues guitarist and I have loved music for as long as I can remember. I learnt the guitar at age 12 and never left it since.

I won a BBC Young Folk Award last year. After that I decided to release my first album, Road to Nashville.

Since then I've been playing gigs and festivals all around the region and some in London, like the London Folk Festival this month. I'll be heading off to play at Glastonbury this month as well! 

My campaign:

In these exciting times, I want to raise the status of my music online and showcase it in the best way possible by making a beauitfully shot, high-quality live-recorded video of one of my favorite songs from the album: The Man's Hands.

The music video will be uploaded on my Youtube page and my website, for all my current followers to enjoy and hopefully for new followers to find!

And this is why I need your help right now, to help me raise the money to pay for the equipment and the crew necessary to get that high-quality result and make a great video happen. 

The Rewards

The rewards you can see on the right side of this page will be my way of thanking you in return for your generosity and your support in making my dream video come true.  They can be a personalised thank you note from me, a ticket to my concert, a signed copy of my CD, a private gig to the venue of your choosing and even producer credits and a day-pass on the set of my video!

A few final words..

If you think this project deserves to get made, please pledge for my campaign today.

Give a little, give a lot, or just give a shout out for my campaign in a facebook status!

It will all make a difference.


Thank you,

Darren x


PS follow me on Twitter and Facebook and listen to my music at Soundcloud and ReverbNation.


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£2 – Personal Thank You Email

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I will write to you personally to thank you for your kind contribution

£5 – Ticket to my Concert

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Get a ticket to one of my live performances!

£10 – Digital Download of my Album "Road to Nashville"

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Get some more of my music with a free download of my album Road to Nashville.

£15 – Signed Copy of my Album" Road to Nashville"

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A real album you can hold in your hands! And it has my signature on it too.

£200 – Private Gig at A Venue of Your Choice

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You pick the place and time and I'll play exclusively for you and your friends and family.

£600 – Executive Producer Credit and Invitation on Set

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Your name in the credits as my video's executive producer! And as such, an invitation on set on the day of the shoot to see how it all happens.

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