Bristol International Jazz & Blues Festival Needs You

The Bristol International Jazz and Blues Festival needs your support to continue bringing amazing music to our beloved city.

Hi Everyone,

It's been incredible having so much support throughout the city and even internationally since we've set up this campaign and we are all extremely humbled by it. Thanks to the help of everyone who has donated so far we've managed to book artists, secure venues and put a programme together for 2020 offering you the same level of mind blowing music that you've all come to know us for.

However the journeys not over yet, we'd like to book more shows, provide the free public stage and continue with all our school programs and workshops. Therefore we still need your help to make 2020 one of the best years yet. As always we'll be offering some great rewards to thank you for your donations and by supporting us, you'll be supporting all the musicians who play for us and help keep the Jazz and Blues scene at the forefront of this innovative city.  

Why We Are Crowdfunding

Arts funding on a local and national level has become increasingly competitive. In the last two years we have run on ticket sales, a small grant from the Arts Council and no local funding. This is not sustainable. In order to continue to deliver an outstanding artistic programme we need your help.

We are reaching out to all of you who have enjoyed the event in its many forms, to donate anything from a few pounds to larger contributions for some unique offers, and help ensure the Festival continues into 2020 and beyond. Whether you’re a ticket buyer, musician, workshop participant or free-stage fan, we are asking you to make a pledge.

“genuine, all-encompassing passion and love for music from all those involved, making it - in our collective opinion at least - by far one of the best and most unique events on the Bristol calendar.” - 365Bristol


About us 

The Bristol International Jazz and Blues Festival is a charity - run by a small, passionate team of 8, who have a shared love of great music. We work hard all year to put a diverse and engaging programme together for all to enjoy every March. Across the weekend we also welcome a team of amazing volunteers. We strongly believe in the idea of creating and sustaining a platform for all musicians - from home-grown talent to trans-Atlantic stars.


Alongside international stars such as Macy Gray, Dr John, Arturo Sandoval, Melody Gardot and Pee Wee Ellis (pictured), we have presented world premieres of new music, and commissioned local established and emerging artists to create new music. But what makes this festival truly special is the unbelievable amount of talented local musicians that contribute every year, from the renowned - Andy Sheppard and Get the Blessing - to the emerging, and who perform both ticketed and free stage concerts for all to enjoy.


What happens if we reach our goal?

The money raised will ensure a 2020 Festival. Without it, the Festival will fold. Your donation will contribute to the following...

  • A weekend full of world-class jazz & blues concerts
  • The ongoing success of the Free Stage which offers a platform for local and emerging artists who present world-class music for all to enjoy

  • To commission new works of music for local and national musicians

  • The free dance classes at our Big Band Swing Night

  • To continue a programme of top quality masterclasses and workshops with world-class musicians for adults and children

  • And much much more!

We have put together a range of rewards for our donors, but you can also simply click 'donate' to choose an amount that suits you. 

If you can't support financially but feel you have other ways you, or your company, can support us (in-kind for example) then please get in touch

All that is left to say is a big THANK YOU to all who have supported us over the years and during this campaign. 

Please pass on our message and share your favourite memories using the hashtag #SaveBristolJazzFest 



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pledged of £30,000 goal (GBP)

46% pledged

159 backers

This is an open ended project. There is no time limit and payments are taken straight away.

Get these rewards

£100 – Masterclass

2 people want this

Get this reward

Masterclass in music lead by our Artistic Director Denny Ilett accompanied by one of our special guests. Previous masterclasses have been conducted by Pee Wee Ellis, Dennis Rollins, Kirk Fletcher and Ian Shaw so expect something unforgettable. You will also become an official 'Friend of the Festival' and gain 10% off your first two tickets next year. Note that this is for 1 place in a group class.

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£100 minimum. 18 available

£20 – Electric Lady Big Band - Exclusive CD

6 people want this

Get this reward

The Electric Lady Big Band was produced, arranged and directed by our own Artistic Director Denny Illett. Arrangements of some of Jimi Hendrix's most classic songs into orchestral versions ended up producing one of our most sought after concerts and went on to sell out Ronnie Scott's. Along with this you'll also become a 'Friend of the Festival' and a receive a Thank You card in the post.

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£20 minimum. Only 5 left

£20 – Dennis Rollins - Symbiosis - Signed Album

2 people want this

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Dennis Rollins' Velocity Trio present us with Symbiosis on CD, signed and donated in aid of our crowdfunder. Dennis who we had at this years festival was one of our most incredible funk acts to date. Guardian describes this album as "an infectiously accessible mix of dancefloor hooks, expressive solos and canny covers". You'll also become a 'Friend of the Festival' and receive a thank you card.

Get this reward

£20 minimum. 13 available

£20 – Dennis Rollins - The 11th Gate - Signed Album

6 people want this

Get this reward

Get your own signed copy of Dennis Rollins' Velocity Trios 11th Gate on CD. This album grooves with a latin pulse and is strict yet playful. "Rollins plays his trombone with a beautiful burnished tone, bouncing and swooping into his notes on little catenaries of sound, reaching out to listeners with a grin and a handshake". You will also become a 'Friend of the Festival' and get a thank you card.

Get this reward

£20 minimum. 9 available

£20 – Yazz Ahmed - Finding My Way Home - Signed Album

3 people want this

Get this reward

Get Yazz Ahmed's first album Finding My Way Home on CD exclusively signed for our crowdfunder. This was the album that we all came to love her for and she is one of our most unique performers at the festival. It features a structured roots orientated journey and blends Arabic Scales with Conventional Jazz. You will also become a 'Friend of the Festival and receive a thank you card in the post.

£20 minimum. Sorry, none left!

£10 – Eternal Gratitude

6 people want this

Get this reward

Eternal gratitude for helping support the Festival from the whole team and every jazz and blues lover in Bristol. Plus your name on social media and a thank you card emailed to you.

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£10 minimum.

£20 – Friend of the Festival

44 people want this

Get this reward

Become an official 'Friend of the Festival', not only do you receive 10% off your first two tickets next year, but you will get a shout out on social media, a mention in our printed programme, a thank you card in the post and a festival badge.

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£20 minimum.

£500 – Book a Local Band

1 person wants this

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We have a line up of some of Bristol's best bands ready to play at your disposal. Whether you're booking them for a party, a local event or you want to serenade that special someone outside their window. Expect jazz, funk, soul and even rhythm and blues. It might get loud.

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£500 minimum.

£1,000 – Moscow Drug Club

1 person wants this

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Have Moscow Drug Club come and play for you at your own private event. Moscow Drug Club, fronted by Katya Gorrie Is a curious musical place where certain elements of 1930’s Berlin Cabaret, Hot Club de France, Nuevo Tango & Gypsy Campfire meet. At the Festival this year they played to a packed St Georges and went down a storm and now they can play for you! This is a very special reward!

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£1,000 minimum.

£5,000 – Become a Major Sponsor

Get this reward

Become a Major Sponsor for the 2020 festival and have your logo or name on all 20'000 of our programmes, all our posters and all our stages. We'll also shout out about you through social media, our website and any press releases. Not only this but we will invite you and your team to our 2020 exclusive launch party to come and schmooze with us over an old fashioned or glass of bubbly.

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£5,000 minimum.

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