Catch Us If You Can

Four women caught in a dangerous web of secrets must race against time to unravel the truth before it consumes them.

About me

I am an American writer, actor and singer. Particularly known for his work in TV shows in Greece and the United States and having achieved mainstream success across television, film and music, he has garnered the Disney Italian Festival "Outstanding Italian Voice Actor" for his achievement. His List of awards and nominations received by Constantine Ganosis include an Outstanding Greek Voice Actor, an Italian Voice Acting and a Greek Nominee for Outstanding TV Writer, as well as from 2014 to 2019.

My rose to prominence as a TV actor in 2018, making his Argentinean debut playing Juan Fianci in the Argentinean TV comedy100 días para enamorarse (Argentine TV series). His performance earned him a nomination for Outstanding Foreign Actor. After appearing in several smaller-scale TV and non-Greek productions, in 2019 Ganosis originated gained a role in the Viacom's Production of 100 días para enamorarse (Argentine TV series), for which is a continuously professional talk . The popularity of the writing, Ganosis' writing style earned him a devoted following among Greek TV fans. From 2003 until now he participates in dubbing for 8 countries.

About this project

The w orld of ”Catch Us If You Can” is set in a modern-day city, filled w ith bustling streets, skyscrapers, and a diverse population. The city serves as the backdrop for the comedic and thrilling adventures of the police force and the criminals they chase. The mythology of the w orld revolves around the idea that even in the most chaotic situations, there is alw ays room for laughter and unexpected friendships. The rules of the w orld are governed by the law s of the land, but w ith a comedic tw ist that allow s for humorous and unconventional solutions to problems. The history of the city is rich with stories of past police cases, both successful and unsuccessful, and the characters are inspired by the legacy of those w ho came before them..

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Plot Episode and Script Signed by the writer and actors

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The writer is me.

Risks and challenges


Introduction:Securing adequate funds for a TV show production is crucial, especially for a police comedy series that spans 30 episodes and will be filmed in multiple locations in Greece, including Thessaloniki, Athens, and Iraklion, Crete. Beyond the talented cast and crew involved, there are various production costs to consider, such as location fees, equipment rentals, set design, and post-production expenses. In this description, we aim to outline the risks and challenges associated with funding this unique project in Greece.


Description:Securing funds for a police comedy TV show production in Greece involves navigating several risks and challenges. Here, we outline these challenges and provide suggestions on how to overcome them:


1. Budget Constraints:Managing the budget effectively is crucial for a production of this scale. Conduct thorough research and create a detailed budget that includes all necessary expenses, such as location fees, equipment rentals, and post-production costs. Prioritize spending and explore cost-saving measures without compromising the quality of the show. Consider leveraging local resources and talent to reduce expenses. Additionally, seek partnerships or sponsorships with local businesses or organizations to help offset some costs.

2. Financial Support:Securing financial support for a TV show production can be challenging. Develop a compelling pitch that highlights the unique aspects and market potential of your police comedy series. Showcase the comedic elements and the universal appeal of the genre. Identify potential investors, sponsors, or funding bodies that have an interest in supporting local productions or promoting Greek culture. Explore grants or funding opportunities specific to the TV and film industry in Greece. Networking with industry professionals and attending relevant events or festivals can also help in establishing connections with potential financiers.

3. Location Logistics:Filming in multiple locations across Greece presents logistical challenges. Conduct thorough location scouting to identify suitable filming sites and negotiate favorable deals with local authorities or property owners. Ensure that the chosen locations align with the comedic tone and enhance the storytelling. Consider collaborating with local production companies or hiring local production coordinators who are familiar with the specific locations to navigate any potential challenges efficiently.

4. Language and Cultural Considerations:As the TV show will be filmed in Greece, language and cultural considerations are important. Ensure that the script and dialogue are culturally sensitive and resonate with Greek audiences. Collaborate with local writers or consultants to ensure authenticity and capture the nuances of Greek humor. This will help in attracting local viewership and potentially securing support from local broadcasters or streaming platforms.

5. Market Competition:The TV and film industry in Greece is competitive, with numerous projects vying for limited resources and viewership. To stand out, focus on creating a unique and compelling police comedy series that differentiates itself from other offerings. Develop a strong branding and marketing strategy that highlights the show’s comedic elements and appeals to a wide audience. Leverage social media platforms and engage with potential viewers to build anticipation and generate buzz.


Conclusion:Securing funds for a police comedy TV show production in Greece involves careful planning, effective communication, and adaptability. By managing budget constraints effectively, seeking financial support through compelling pitches and networking, addressing location logistics, considering language and cultural aspects, and differentiating the show from competitors, you can increase your chances of successfully obtaining the necessary funds to bring your unique police comedy series to life in Greece.

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