Criminals set my garage on fire destroying my e-bike business and leaving my family with nothing.

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Criminals Set my garage on fire destroying my business and leaving Me , My Partner and 2 Daughters almost homeless & with no money.

About me

I'm Josh for the last 2 years I worked hard building my business building stealth E-bikes (Electric Bikes) in Macclesfield and did really well managing to get a nice apartment for my family (Partner and 2 Daughters 4 and 6.

About this project?

Criminals tried to brake into my garage to find my bikes had been locked to the floor so decided to set everything on fire destroying 2 bikes I had spent the last 3 months building ready to sell. These were new bikes I designed everything on that could reach 70MPH, I also lost around 5 Gotway Monster electric unicycles I was selling through eBay the total damages have come to over £35,000 and We have had to move onto Universal Credit we can no longer afford our rent where we live and have had to join the council list to get housed these criminals left no trace behind and police are still investigating they left me and my family with nothing. The aim of this project is to replace my stock and replace my garage door and roof.


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