Emergency fund for the Homeless with Give a Sh#t Xmas

We are in unprecedented times and everyone is having to adjust to a new normal. The homeless especially are feeling the impact.

Feed the Homeless are an outreach charity who provide food, essential items and support for those living on the streets of Bristol who along with Give a Sh*t Xmas have launched this crowdfunding campaign.

In ‘normal’ times we would be on the streets providing these services, but we have had to temporarily change our focus.  With the help of Bristol City Council and other Bristol based homelessness charities, we have managed to move the majority of the homeless off the streets and into hotels which obviously is a vital step forward.  

Therefore, at present we are providing two services.

Firstly we are providing all essential items such as snacks, hot drinks, toiletries and basic clothing to those in hotels.  This is an ongoing service and we will continue until the end of the current crisis.

Secondly, we have had to return to the streets as another 150+ people have appeared on the streets since the start of the lockdown. We believe there are many reasons for this including sofa surfers who can no longer ‘surf’ and ‘employees’ who had accommodation with their job, but the job no longer exists.  These people are very vulnerable and whilst every effort is being made to accommodate them, they presently need food urgently. 

Therefore, we are currently working together alongside other organisations to provide support for this group with food and other help.  We will be distributing at 8pm in Champion Squarewith the aim of covering 7 nights a week whilst we are needed.

And of course, everything we are doing requires funds, thus the reason for this crowdfunding campaign. But of course, as no-one knows how long the Coronavirus crisis will last, we have no idea how long we will have to keep the campaign going or how much money we will ultimately have to raise.

So, if you can make a donation, no matter how big or small, it will be hugely appreciated.  Even £5 will make a difference.  It is absolutely crucial that we are able to continue providing this service throughout the crisis, no matter how long it lasts.

Many many thanks.


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