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A magazine written for and by survivors of self-harm and suicide, to give all people feeling low hope for a brighter future.

I'm Erica, a mental health campaigner and journalist (NYTimes, Guardian, Metro, Lancet, etc) based in Staffordshire and I’m the creator behind Hopezine, a zine for suicide prevention – it’s something I wished to do after two friends from my childhood were lost to suicide this summer. With these two deaths in mind, and having survived a suicide attempt myself in 2009, I wanted to do something to reach out to others in Staffordshire - and pay contributors a decent rate!

- To run during key times of the year such as ‘Blue Monday’ this is said to be the most depressing day of the year
- To challenge ideas and myths about people with suicidal thoughts
- To put a human face and voice to those in severe distress
- To flag/sign post to lighthouse organisations such as the Samaritans

- All stories are written by ‘experts by experience’ people who’ve had failed experience of suicide themselves or through a loved one
- All stories are edited by me, Erica, and I’ve experience editing a number of quality magazines and newsletters including a peer-reviewed science journal.
- All stories should inspire hope to a brighter future or challenge the stigma to people with severe mental illnesses and/or suicidal thoughts
- Stories can give a voice to vulnerable people and also improve their self-esteem by engaging in a project for the community

- The images are all in keeping and challenge grey stereotypes of mental illness so bright, happy and above all hopeful
- The cover artist who donated work for the debut issue is Pure Evil, a world renowned graffiti artist with his own gallery in London’s Shoreditch
- Artworks and design should be modern to appeal to the most vulnerable, younger age group

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As an editor who also works as a freelance writer its important to me to pay contributors, especially given many will be vulnerable adults on benefits. The other costs are designing, printing, and distribution.

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