It's Our City Bristol - Bristol Referendum Campaign

Raising funds for the independent campaign to replace the mayoral system in Bristol on May 5th

About It's Our City Bristol

On 5th May, Bristol people have the chance to vote in a referendum to decide if they want to keep the current mayoral system or change to a new, collaborative committee system. 

It's Our City Bristol is an independent, non party-political group campaigning to raise public awareness of the referendum and the benefits to local democracy that the move to the committee system would bring. 

We believe that the mayoral system, in which the mayor is the decision maker, is un-democratic, unaccountable and does not allow for proper scrutiny. We believe that the city belongs to all Bristol people and the political system needs to be set up to listen to all of us, not just a single ruling leader. You can find out more on our website :

About our campaign - why donate?

IOCB, is entirely reliant on volunteers. We have no political party funds, no union money or big business supporters. This means that we are solely reliant on donations from Bristol people to create our materials and to get the word out about the referendum and the chance we all have to reshape local democracy.

How will we use funds?

We need to make as many people aware of our message as possible using whatever legal means we can with our limited budget. Any funds raised will be spread across the following in order of priority. 

- Facebook advertising - £5 gets our ads in front of  around 1000 people in Bristol

- Youtube advertising -  £20 gets our video ad in front of 1000 people in Bristol

- Leaflet print and delivery targeted to wards and areas - £375 would deliver 5,000 leaflets to a targeted areas ahead of polling day

- Polling week leaflet hand outs - £10 prints 100 leaflets


Funds will be gathered weekly from Fundsurfer and used up to and including polling day - every little helps!




IOCB was founded by Mary Page, former Lib Dem candidate for Mayor and community activist Torin Menzies. Supporters come from all of Bristol's political parties, speeches from all parties at the IOCB launch can be found on our youtube channel:


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If you can't donate financially but can donate your time we'd love to hear from you! Leaflet delivery, door knocking, social media management are all areas we'd love some help with.

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This is an open ended project. There is no time limit and payments are taken straight away.

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