Drones for Ukraine

The Ukrainian engineer team needs money to buy details and electronics for building custom drones that will fight for our freedom at the frontline.

About us

We are a group of Ukrainian volunteers with a rich background in engineering, IT, and science. Since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, we've been helping the military forces and humanitarian teams to resist the aggression. Our core mission is saving lives. Currently, we're working on supporting and bringing together several volunteer groups of engineers and programmers who create drones in Ukraine, develop software for them, and teach pilots to use them effectively.

About this project

Modern war is mostly ranged: the further you can see, fly or shoot, the sooner you win. Drones are used for a large variety of purposes, from reconnaissance to delivering food and meds to hard-to-reach locations. 

There are many well-known drone producers in the world. The main problem with involving them is the price. However, a talented engineering team can make drones themselves, moreover to adjust them precisely to specific needs and conditions. This is what our team does.

The team has developed several drone models for different purposes. They buy details and electronics, print custom details using 3D printers, and combine them into powerful machines. The advantages of such drones are:

  • Price: from 5 to 10 times cheaper than mass-market analogs
  • Timing: with all details available, it takes just a few hours to make a drone
  • Customization: it is possible to adjust a drone to the specific needs of a military unit
  • Logistics: no need to deliver drones from other countries, they can be made in Ukraine and brought to the customer within a few days

The main purpose of this crowdfunding project is to be able to buy as many details as needed for continuous production. Detail delivery takes time, but the army usually needs help right away. 

Besides that, the team is planning to open a training center where drone pilots will be taught to operate these machines. We consider it the next goal of our project.

How else can I help?

If you have a drone that you don’t use anymore, you can send it to us and we’ll use it for training or even send it to the frontline after upgrading (depending on its technical specifications). For more information, click here.


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£100 – Certificate

You will receive a personal certificate confirming that you’re helping Ukraine to fight for freedom.

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We will add your name or nickname to the next video showing our drones on a mission and send you the link to this video.

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£500 – Engraving

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We will engrave your name or any phrase you wish (up to 5 words) on a drone and send you a picture or a video with it.

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£1,000 – Gratitude from the unit

You will receive a video or a photo from the military or humanitarian unit giving thanks to you personally for your help.

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