Fight for the right to vote Green in Bristol & Bath


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Thank you everyone who has helped us raise the deposit. Can you now help us fund the campaign?

UPDATE: Great news - the deposit is now paid for. 

Thank you everyone who has very kindly donated so far and helped pay for the deposit. It would be absolutely amazing if we can double it, and run an amazing campaign to make sure climate change and the environment are at the centre of the metro-mayor debate. 

Can you chip in to help turn this into one of the most successful campaigns we have ever run. 

£1500 pays for inclusion in the 'all households' booklet going out across the region.

£1000 pays for an amazing campaign launch

£500 pays for extra PR support

£100 pays for more canvassing and street stalls

£50 pays for a specific social media campaigns on public transport, affordable housing and a green economy

£25 pays for 500 leaflets to be printed 


Fight for the right to vote Green for Mayor of the West of England - for a better future.

The South West Green Party needs your help to make sure the people of Bristol, Bath & South Gloucestershire can vote for the Green Party candidate for Mayor of the West of England. The normal fee of £500 has cynically been increased by ten times to stop people entering. We are determined to fight for your right to vote Green. 

On 4th May this year, Bristol, Bath and South Gloucestershire's residents will be asked to vote for a "Metro Mayor". It is an incredibly important role with responsibility for housing, transport, adult education and economic investment. 

Our candidate Darren Hall has already demonstrated his ability to reach new audiences when he narrowly missed out on becoming the Green Party's second MP, achieving over 17,000 votes in Bristol West, a stunning 23% increase. For more details about Darren's metro-mayor campaign, please go to 

We want to make sure he can put across our vision of a better future for the West of England: joined-up public transport, quality housing built in the right places, investment in our key businesses and job creation, and a more sustainable future. It is vital that there is a a credible voice fighting for the environment and campaigning against climate change. 

If we exceed our target, there is also going to be a £1500 fee to be included in a booklet that will be sent to all households, and with even more we can set up an amazing social media campaign to encourage even more people to vote Green.  


More info:

The government are making elections more expensive so that it is harder for smaller political parties and independent candidates from even entering, let alone participating with equal opportunity. Just standing for West of England Mayor requires a £5000 deposit – ten-times the cost of a deposit in Bristol’s Mayoral election for example. This seems designed to block us from accessing millions of people who want to hear our positive message for a fairer and more sustainable world. Shutting out the Greens from the political conversation limits the debate our society and democracy desperately needs.

We have to fight for our green vision to be seen, fight for our green voice to be heard and fight for our green vote to count. 

The Conservative Party can rely on big business and rich donors whist the Labour Party collects its money from Trades Union members. By contrast, the Green Party runs on the passion and generosity of thousands of individuals who donate what they can afford. Unlike the other parties, we refuse donations from property developers and media moguls. We will not hold court with oil barons, airlines and construction firms. Our policies are not for sale. This means we rely on people like you to help fund our campaigns.

Please consider giving some money to the South West Green Party to allow us to get our message across: a better future is possible.

In order to remain transparent and democratic, we are legally bound to report donations over £500 to the Electoral Commission. We can only accept donations over £500 from "permissible donors" which for individuals this means being on the electoral roll in the UK. We'll need you to give us your address so that we can check.


"Dear supporters,

I am horrified by the government's attitude towards the environment and deeply saddened by its lack of action on climate change. I'm also incredibly angry about the way they are ripping apart the foundations of civil society by selling off the NHS, undermining local authorities, criticising the legal system and underfunding schools. It goes without saying that I believe 'Brexit' is an ideoligical mistake motivated by ego and isolationism. But whilst the position of metro-mayor may only have a minor impact on national issues it can have a major impact locally, and my campaign will include the following key pledges:

  • Higher standards for affordable housing that is built where it is most needed
  • Public transport that is owned and operated for the benefit of passengers, not for profit
  • Adult education specifically designed to help access jobs of the future
  • Economic investment for sustainable prosperity built upon a circular economy

Your donation will enable me to fight on behalf of the environment at a time when all other political parties are so busy fighting each other they have forgotten the bigger picture. My motivation comes from an absolute belief in power of the planet to support us, but only if we give it the chance to do so. If like me you wake up wondering why humanity seems so determined to destroy the beauty of nature all around us, then please make a donation that will help make sure a green voice can be heard. 

Thank you very much."

Darren Hall - Green Party Metro-mayor candidate for Bristol & Bath 


Published and promoted by Robert Triggs on behalf of South West Green Party, 91 North Road, Bristol, BS6 5AQ.


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Please make a donation to help make sure Darren Hall can represent the Green Party in the campaign for Bristol & Bath metro-mayor.

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