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This project finished on Sunday the 1st of July, 2018

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I am crowdfunding for my next album "Songs for Rojava"

I am crowdfunding for my next album "Songs for Rojava"

Money raised goes towards recording and distribution costs, and everyone who makes a contribution gets a FREE copy of the album when it's finished straight to their inbox. 

Songs for Rojava is a project aimed at raising awareness and support for the Kurdish struggle while educating people about the new revolutionary society taking form in Rojava.

The album will include brand new tracks from me alongside newly recorded versions of "Song for the YPJ", "On a cold night in Syria" and "Ocalan" - all of which you can find below:


Song for the YPJ

On a cold night in Syria

When the album is complete, it will become available for download and stream via all regular online channels. A physical CD copy will be available too. I will also upload the entire album to YouTube so anyone can listen and use the songs to spread awareness for free. 

Anyone who wishes to use Songs for Rojava for activism purposes or fundraising is also welcome to do so. Songs for Rojava will be available under creative commons licensing meaning that anyone who supports the Kurdish struggle can use the tracks within their videos, etc. for free. 

Please get behind this project and help me to cover some of the costs of bringing Songs for Rojava to life!



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This project ended on 1 July 2018

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£10 – A free copy of Songs for Rojava sent to your inbox

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£20 – A free copy of the album + A personal thank you email and Tweet

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A signed CD sent to your postal address and lots of gratitude from me!

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