'PREPPER': a survivalist Feature film.

Help with our dual mission of producing our FOURTH feature film and continue bringing at-risk/autistic teenagers into real world productions!



Hi, DB Morgan here. 

Over the past three years we have produced THREE feature films. That's all with Covid snapping at our heels.

We've won over 30 international awards for our debut film, 'Faith' (AKA Blood Highway), produced for less than £10,000 and gained distribution with Moviehouse Entertainment. FILM 2 - 'The Haunting of Room 16' was written and completed within 3 weeks to coincide with an offer of a closed hotel during lockdown. We made it for less than £7500 and I'm sure we've broken several world records with this. This led to our profile rocketing and attracting investors for our third film, 'Morris Men', with a whopping £85,000 budget (by our minuscule standards) and all of a sudden we're working with actors from Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and the like. TOTALLY BONKERS!!!!

BUT, and here's the magic. Every production we work on we bring in marginalised, at-risk or autistic teenagers to work on our films alongside us.  A proper, boots on the ground, creativity blast that infuses our interns with positivity and focus like nothing else. We've helped plenty of kids and continue to do so, under 'The Underdog Crew' banner.


We have already worked with several teenagers on various projects and now are beginning crecieve grant funding for our continued progress.

We AIM to open our first permanent studio in clacton-on-Sea in 2024. 


All our film projects are based in the Tendring area (Clacton-on-Sea/Walton/St Osyth/Jaywick) and our pledge is to create 'Hollywood-on-Sea', an international production base, with the Princes Theatre as our showcasing base. (Morris Men UK premiere - 29th October 2022



Alongside our 2022 Underdog Crew project we are embarking on an ambitious FOURTH feature film in Spring 2024 - 'Prepper'. A survivalist thriller set and filmed in the woods of Essex. 

Check it out here


Shooting entirely off grid for a carbon neutral, environmentally conscious, production, leading the way for a cleaner future in media production. A new group of 'Underdog' interns will work alongside our professional crew for the ultimate intensive filmmaking experience. JOIN US!!!!



To date, we have raised almost £100,000 for our feature film projects. For Prepper, we have already secured funding to purchase all filming equipment, lighting and sound kit. We have extended sponsorship deals with ALIAS HIRE and MANIAC FILMS for any extra kit required. We have Executive Producers onboard, who have already pledged up to £25,000 of our production budget but still need extra funding to cover a multitude of production costs: from actor and crew payments, insurances, location costs, catering and PRODUCTION BASE. Our unique base is to be a woodland based commune. A fantastic circle of glamping tents for comfort and a large central gazebo, with fire pit for communal cooking and eating. We will also need to bring in a mobile container office and shower block, all powered by solar panels. All core backers are invited to visit the set at least once throughout production!


WE ARE THE NEW FACE of inclusivity in British Independent film. JOIN US as an ambassador/Patron/Project supporter and let's see where we can go.



* We are currently in the process of formally setting up a CIC/Charity for the 'Underdog Crew'.




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Recommend a suitable intern for our 2022 summer workshops and possible key crew for Prepper movie after their workshop participation. Must be able to attend Clacton-on-Sea. *Mentored by DBS registered tutors and chaperones.

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£1 minimum. 10 available

£25 – Sponsor an Intern

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All our film school projects are free for teenagers to attend! Your support keeps this possible. A selection of 2022 interns will be invited to be part of the 'Prepper movie' crew. All SUPPORTERS receive VIP behind-the-scenes website project access, together with the chance to win VIP tickets and on-set experience days. www.faith-movie.co.uk/underdog

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£25 minimum. 200 available

£50 – I'm a PREPPER

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FOR PREPPER MOVIE. You love the survivalist movement and all things Bushcraft & Prepping. Pin your stamp of approval to our project and get.... a signed poster, small prop from the film, a downloadable signed script and VIP behind-the-scenes access to the production.

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£50 minimum. 25 available


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For PREPPER MOVIE - a gift bag containing small props from the film, signed on-set polaroids from key cast, a signed A2 poster. A digital copy of the film script signed by key cast and crew. A limited edition Prepper DVD. (estimated delivery Autumn 2024)

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£75 minimum. 50 available

£100 – Patron

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Official patron for 'The Underdog Crew'. Listed credit on all productions. VIP invites to film sets, UC events and public screenings.

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£100 minimum. 50 available


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FOR PREPPER MOVIE!!!! Come and spend a day on set with us and appear as a FEATURED EXTRA in the movie. Credited on IMDB you, and your contribution, will be a HUGE part of achieving our production goals.

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£250 minimum. 10 available

£250 – Ambassador

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As an 'Underdog Crew' ambassador your name and/or company logo will feature on all our projects. you will have open set invites, together with free VIP tickets for all our showcases, including 2 free tickets to the Morris Men UK premiere on 29th October 2022.

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£250 minimum. 20 available

£500 – PREPPER MOVIE - Associate Producer

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This is specifically for involvement in 'PREPPER' movie - filming Spring 2024, Essex. Credited as Associate Producer. VIP on-set experiences and an EXTRA in the movie with associated IMDB credit!!!!! Includes 2x VIP tickets to the UK red carpet premiere of Morris Men - 29th October 2022.

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£500 minimum. 4 available

£750 – BRAND SPONSOR - Product placement

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This is specifically for involvement in 'PREPPER' movie - filming Spring 2024, Essex. YOUR PRODUCT featured in the film in context. Bushcraft/survivalist brands only!

4x VIP tickets to the UK red carpet premiere of Morris Men - 29th October 2022.

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£750 minimum. 4 available

£1,000 – PREPPER MOVIE - Executive Producer

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This is specifically for involvement in 'PREPPER' movie - filming Spring 2024, Essex. Credited as EXECUTIVE PRODUCER. VIP on-set experiences and the chance to be a SCENE ACTOR in the movie with associated IMDB credit!!!!! Includes 4x VIP tickets to the UK red carpet premiere of Morris Men - 29th October 2022.

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£1,000 minimum. 2 available

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