The World's First AI Curry Recipe Book

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Curries and computation. They were destined to collide in a torrent of tasty ways. This is that moment. Be part of it.

Everyone loves curry. That's a fact! So it seems eminently sensible to create the world's first AI curry recipe book to inspire curry fans across the planet. We reckon there are roughly 7.8 billion of them. 

Want to be part of the story? Of course you do. If you love AI and curry, just do it. You'll be part of curry history!

Here's the deal.

We're going to create the world's first AI curry recipe book and give it away FREE to anyone who wants it. That's right... FREE. This is all made possible by CurryNet - a neural network that will create incredible curry recipes and flavour combinations.

Imagine...  Naans and GANS... Tandoori and Tensorflow... Poppadoms and PyTorch... it feels so right.

How do we make this happen?

We gather up mountains of curry data from across the world.

We train a neural network - that's the AI bit - to devise tons of tasty recipes.

We get a curry-making expert to analyse the output and trial a selection of the recipes.

We take the best and place them into a stylish digital book available to anyone in the world.

There is a small cost to making this happen: £2,150 - the cost of running the neural network, creating the recipe book and covering the VAT. But we reckon it's worth it. After all, you'll be helping create curry combinations, the likes of which have never been tasted before.

We need you to help make it happen. This is an ALL OR NOTHING project. Either we raise our target or we fall short. Either the world's first AI curry recipe book gets made and gifted to humanity or the world misses out.

We only have 14 days. Naturally we've created a series of rewards as a thank you. Do check them out. Of course, donations of any size are welcomed with arms open and eternal respect. Even a £1 gets us that little bit closer to hitting our funding goal.

If we surpass our target, we will look to make printed versions of the book. 

Mmmm, it's the stuff dreams are made of. Except you don't have to dream. You can help make it happen.

Crypto Curry Club have teamed up with award-winning Bristol creative technologists Tiny Giant (the team behind the world's first AI Gin to make the AI curry magic happen. They have a wealth of experience combining AI and food to conjure up delicious recipes that have been acclaimed from Austin Texas to the Austrian Tyrol.

Keen to learn more about the project? Email today.

Share your time and skills...

Please share this project far and wide on your social media. Your AI curry social post could make all the difference. We'd love to make this book for curry fans across the planet.

Help this project with time and skills

Get these rewards

£10 – Korma Stormer!

8 people want this

Your name in the book's Thank Yous - you'll forever be famed as an AI curry pioneer.

An AI digital portrait of you.

An exclusive curry-related Snapchat Lens.

Infinite gratitude and love.

£30 – Jalfrezi Joy!

1 person wants this

A personalised AI Curry recipe in the book named after you.

A standalone digital copy of your recipe with your name on for you to share or show off to anyone!

Your name in the book's Thank Yous - you'll forever be famed as an AI curry pioneer.

An AI digital portrait of you.

An exclusive curry-related Snapchat Lens.

Infinite love, respect and gratitude from Crypto Curry Club.

£125 – Vindaloo VIP!

1 person wants this

A 1/2 litre limited-edition bottle of AI Gin - Monker's Garkel - the World's First Gin Created by AI. Only 1,000 bottles were made, Collector's item, sells for £39.

An exclusive personalised AI-generated cocktail AND curry recipe.

Plus all other rewards incl. in the Jalfrezi Joy!

Infinite love, respect and gratitude.

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