Updates for A safe haven for refugee and asylum seeking children

Come and hear from a mother seeking asylum

Thanks to your support the Early Years Project is able to meet the needs of a growing number of children and parents.  Each week the Early Years Team welcome new families and several of these children are coming regularly this autumn.  As well as the children belonging to our group, we are also facilitating children moving into nursery places and school through our partnership work with a local Children's Centre.  

One Mum recently reflected “My daughter loves the project. She sings us the songs she has learnt at home.”  

You put a smile on a face

"Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities". (Article 31, leisure, play and culture, United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child)

Your kind donations have allowed us to meet this!

Success!! Lets dance!

The crowdfunding campaign was a great success.  We were delighted by the support of 341 people who helped to raise £13,968.  Our target was £20,475 so we had a shortfall, but this was met by the kind donation of a family trust.  Amazing!  We are overjoyed and so happy to be able to share this news with the wonderful families using the project!  Thank you!!

Superheroes in Disguise

“Little Boys are just Superheroes in Disguise” said the top of one of the children today. Boys and girls are treated no differently in the Project but when a boy arrives for the first time it sometimes helps to provide distraction by propelling one of our fleet of toy cars in his direction. Or a doll in a toy push chair!

A Fairer World

It is Ramadan and many BRR members are fasting.  The fasting period is a time of developing inner strength; something which is so important to getting through the asylum process.  Today the Welcome Centre main hall has been used as a polling station but the Advocacy and Information team, Asylum Support and the Early Years Project were still supporting individual members and families.

Moulding clay & sing song

The attraction of moulding clay inside didn't last long today and most of the children were soon out in the Project’s garden. There they can splash about a bit, roll a tyre down the sloop, dig in the earth for a glimpse of worms or jump from one low platform to another. Even better if they can persuade one of the staff to fly them across the platforms – “my turn” seems to be one of the first English phrases many of them learn and other words soon follow.

We're on the radio!

A huge thanks to everyone that has backed our campaign so far! We have 148 backers and have raised £5,864, but with 20 days remaining we still need to raise over £14,000 more to keep the Early Years Project services going. Please do help us share this campaign and thanks for all you've done already - we really do appreciate it.

Sunshine & delight

The sun shone on BRR’s little garden today and the children rushed outside to make the most of it. Difficult for members of staff to say thank you when presented with a plucked flower whilst simultaneously discouraging the three year old from picking any more! 


How to fill a pot up

Thanks to your support 34 children were able to have fun in our Early Years Project last week. Please spread the word so that we can keep filling the pot and ensure that these children can keep having fun and others will benefit too.  Thank you!