Updates for Help Save the Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade

Your rewards will be with you soon!

Hello lovely backers

I hope you are enjoying this glorious weather - I know that the #bemmylanterns team are.

We are so super excited and super grateful to each and every one of you, so thank you for making the 2018 Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade happen.Plans are underway and the project will be starting in September!

But! To other super important things! 

Some good news and another terrible meme

Crivens!  Time has flown by and we are only one week away from the end of this epic Fundsurfer. 

Here’s the good news

Thanks to the generosity of the people who donated the awesomesauce Rewards, and the kindness of the splendid people who donated hard cash, we made the target last week.

Phew!  And yay!

But there’s some bad news

As previously mentioned, we’re rinsing the #bemmylanterns account to make ends meet this year.  We’ll have zero. Zilch. Zippo.  Nothing in the bank to give us the whiff of a hope for future Lantern Parades. 

A really important update (and some football references - it seemed topical)

I don’t know what to say.  I really don’t.

As I may have hinted yesterday, I was a bit nervous about hitting our target in the next two weeks.  That was a bit of an understatement.  I had about the same tension levels as Peter Schmeichel during yesterday evening’s penalty shootout between Denmark and Croatia.

What I didn’t expect was today’s news, which made me feel like this:

We're learning from our schools

We love our schools!

14 days and £1,165 left to go.  I’m not scared.  Are you scared?  I’m not scared.  OK, a bit scared.  But hope is currently outweighing despair, thanks to the news we’ve had this week about what some of our local schools have been up to.  First up, the amazing PTFA at Holy Cross Primary School came up with the cracking idea of selling ice creams – huge thank you to Marisa Dee and your colleagues! We cam’t wait to see how much you raised!

Yesterday we got the brilliant news from Sharon Redfern:

Dear Superheroes

...for that is what you are

We are a week into our epic crowdfunding journey, and the #bemmylanterns committee are staggered by the generosity of our community.

I won’t pretend that we’re there yet and it’s all plain sailing, but when we decided to try using Fundsurfer, it was our last-ditch attempt to raise the money after months of hard work trying to secure the funds through other means.

We were feeling very discouraged and genuinely didn’t know if we could pull it off again.