Updates for Community Care Package


We are so happy that this project is gaining momentum because the need is growing!!!!

we are sending out around 750 boxes per week!!!!! 

More pubs have joined the fight for food security..we now have the STAR AND GARTER, PIPE AND SLIPPERS, THE REDLION packing.

loads more people have offered to pack. We really need more DBS certified drivers as lots of our drivers have been called back to work.

Click the link if you can help.


The service is up and running and sending out 300-400 boxes a week.

we have been innundated with offers of help.

we are one of a number of groups popping up in our area to help folks at this time.

This crisis is really hitting some people hard. If you can help please do .


we've been getting some really lovely messages that highlight the need for us all to keep pushing on.