Updates for UK Funding for Afghanistan Families

Latest update on Afghanistan

We are now supporting over 250 people in Afghanistan who are still in the country, we were able to get out 10 people during the airlifts. We are mainly helping people that need to cross legal borders. 90% of the people we are supporting have been displaced and have nothing. We have been working with UK Politicians to lobby for the home office to approve applications to the UK. We are working directly with registered and regulated NGOs in Afghanistan and Central Asia to help facilitate funding directly to families and those in need. Your help means a lot.

We have just hit 20% of our target!

£4,010 pledged of our £20,000 goal so we have now hit 20%, pledged by 79 backers. Thank you all so much for sharing and donating to our project.

Our team has been working round the clock to help families both in Afghanistan and those that are arriving in the UK. It's been an incredibly challenging period for everyone involved however it's helped a lot to receive such positive and heartwarming messages of support from donors and partners across the world as we do everything we can to help. 

£2830 raised so far!

Thanks so much to everyone that has shared or donated to our emergency fundraiser. We have £2,830 pledged of our £20,000 goal, which has been donated by 42 backers so far! It's a great start. We are also now in discussion with a number of CEOs, philanthropists and investors in our network about different kinds of support, both financial and practical, to help Afghan families across the UK. We will update you as we roll out and grow the campaign in size and scope. 

£830 raised so far, thanks for your support!

Thank you so much for making a donation to our Afghan support campaign. It really means a lot.

Our work to help families in Afghanistan has been covered by a Mirror interview today with Dominik our Head Impact Investment Consultant.


It is a v tough situation and we are doing every we can to help.