Updates for Catacombs of Terror! by Stanley Donwood

Rewards on their way!

Hi Everyone,

I've taken delivery of the excellent prints by Jacknife and these and the original editions of Cartacombs of Terror will be sent out on Friday. 

Can everyone (including the new edition people) confirm their delivery address by emailing me at richard@tangentbooks.co.uk.

Also we are launching the new edition at Jacknife studio, Jamaica Street, Bristol on Friday Oct 30. You are all v welcome. I'll confirm start time in next update.

Book gone to print

Hi everyone,


Once again, thanks for your support. Catacombs of Terror! has been sent to print and will be back in early October, when we will send out all rewards. We'll also announce details of a launch event when the rewards are sent out. 

£45 to go

Just £45 to go to hit our target. But don't forget that if we go over, I get a jolly decent lunch with Sterling Bland. Can I suggest you give till it hurts. Before midnight. 

Scratter here! Dicky Scratter!

I don't believe it!

Bland regained consciousness after lunch and came to my club where he informed me he has secured an arrangement with Tangent Books of Bristol to co-publish Donwood's 'classic' Catacombs of Terror!

According to Bland, Tangent Books will pay for the design and typesetting and share the print cost of the book if Scratter & Pomace meet Blimfield's and Bland's fees. Tangent seem to think the book will be popular in The Americas. I can't imagine why. In short, it means we have to raise another £180 with a day to go.

Scratter here!

Enjoyed an excellent lunch with Sterling Bland. I left him sleeping like a baby. Shame we couldn't remove him from the restaurant first. Anyway, before he passed out Bland told me that he's been contacted by a 'major publisher' who is interested if partnershing with Scratter & Pomace to publish Donwood's 'classic'.

'The deal is all but done, Dicky,' he assured me as he slid from his chair.

And apparently the case of Somerset Farmhouse Cider I sent that fella Donwood was well received.

Onwards and upwards!

Or downwards in Bland's case. Chin-chin.

Stanley Donwood: the Artist, the Man

Sometimes known as the 'sixth member' of Radiohead, Stanley Donwood is the artist responsible for the band's album artwork over the last 20 years and also the artwork for Glastonbury Festival. An internationally renowned and exhibited artist, Donwood has also penned two collections of short stories, both published by Tangent Books, and another published by Faber. 

Free tote bag with all pledges

We are very pleased to announce that every pre-order will be accompanied by a splendid, hot-off-the-press Tangent Books tote! These limited edition totes will feature the Tangent Books logo in black on a natural canvas background. So you can now cart your copy of Catacombs of Terror! round in style. 

Remember, there's still time to pre-order a copy of Catacombs of Terror! and receive your tote too.

Hlp get this pulp fiction 'classic' back in print.

Scratter here! Dicky Scratter!

In answer to a few queries, we are definitely publishing Catacombs of Terror! so you will receive your reward even if we don't hit the overall funding target. This is a Take What You Get Project, so it's effectively a means of you pre-ordering the new edition of Catacombs of Terror! or choosing one of the other rewards.