Updates for Calais Refugee Solidarity Bristol

CRSB Fundraising Meeting on 2nd May

Hi everyone,

We are still working to support refugees in France and are coming together to discuss fundraising ideas and plans at the Greenbank pub function room please keep sharing and pledging and we would love to see you there. Vital work is being provided with volunteers working in the warehouses out there, organising and sorting supplies for distribution, providing food and delivering aid to those stuck roughing it the absence of any camps and far from real living support.

The CRSB Team.

Emergency Collection Update.

As well as the van-load that left this week, we now have another 3 wonderful drivers volunteering to fill their vans with aid and drive it over to Calais for us in the next 2 weeks. We need your help to fill them! Please drop off any donations ASAP and please share this with people outside this group.

10000 people will soon be displaced yet again and we need to do what we can minimise that trauma if at all possible.


Urgent collection needed. Please pledge and share now!

Hi everyone - supplies are running very low in the Calais warehouse - so much so that some distributions are unable to take place at all.

The situation is still very bad indeed so we need to do a big push this week.

We will be holding a collection for urgent items this week. We ask you to please stick to this list only - there will be a quick turnaround and this will help us check and sort things quickly to ensure everything we send is suitable.

Usual rules apply - clean, washed, undamaged items only please. Small and medium items only.

CRSB next meeting

CRSB's next meeting will be held on Wednesday 23rd March at 7.30pm at The Palestine Museum. Please join us to hear updates from Calais, plans for collections, fundraising opportunities to get involved with, activism and awareness work and practical ways for you to help, both here in Bristol or by going to Calais. 
We look forward to seeing faces old and new!


Latest update. CRSB Activism & Awareness Meeting. 1/3/16

Are you feeling angry about what's happening in Calais, upset, distressed? Do you want to put those emotions to good use? Please come to the CRSB Activism & Awareness Meeting on 2 March 7.30pm at the Palestinian Museum, Bristol. We want your ideas of what campaigns and action we can get involved in and your opinions on our plans. 

Pop up shop is open for business!


The CRSB pop up shop on North Street is looking great!

We have a huge selection of clothing and footwear for men, women, kids and babies. Come and browse the rails or rummage in a bargain bin.

We've also got lots of brand new items that would make wonderful Christmas gifts! Take a look at the pics to see just some of what is up for grabs. Xxx