Updates for Support our debut feature film -- 7x7!

Final day to pledge!

Hi everyone, thank you so much for your support so far, we are rounding out 2nd week of production which has been amazing!!!

It's the last day of our crowdfunding campaign and we have just over $5000 to go, could you share project one last time? thanks to all backers, you are all wonderful! 

We will post some behind the scenes production pictures soon! 

The 7x7 team.


Hi everyone!

In the spirit of keeping this train moving and pushing towards our goal, we have decided to extend our campaign by a few weeks to end on June 7!

Why? A few reasons!

1. 7 is a very meaningful number for our film. It feels much better to end on the 7th of a month rather than the 22nd. We've got nothing against the number 2, but let's be real...

2. Some of our co-producing collaborators have not had a chance to get their networks involved. We want to have time to create maxiumum reach with the campaign!

We're having SO MUCH FUN!!

Hey everyone!

There is no doubt about it -- we're feeling the heat with production just over two weeks away. We're working long hours, feeling stressed, getting frustrated, eating LOTS of chocolate... But you know what? WE ARE HAVING SO MUCH FUN!! 

This is our passion and our purpose, and we're living it every day. How cool is that??

"Breathe. Nothing is under control."

Hello everyone,

THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO!! But, hey, you know what? WE'RE DOING IT! We're shifting up into a higher gear and loving every minute of it. We'd be lying if we said it doesn't feel out of control and overwhelming sometimes, but we have such an incredible team and so much support -- from all of YOU, for starters! -- that we are handling it all with passion and grace.

5-weeks from "ACTION!"

Hello everyone,

We are 5 weeks away from calling "ACTION!" and rolling camera. Can you believe it?? There's still so much to do, but everything is starting to fall into place.

Our main focus has been the casting puzzle, and I'm excited to share that we have confirmed our first talent! She will be playing Marcy, one of the two female leads. We're close to confirming our other two leads as well, so we'll be announcing the whole package officially when they've all signed the dotted line.

Off to a great start!

Hi everyone,

After the first 10 days of our campaign we are almost 20% funded -- WOW!! We are blown away by the support so far and thank everyone for their generous contributions.

We've made some exciting progress in pre-production since we launched: locking a few shooting locations, interviewing cinematographers, meeting with the DGA about having union crew work on the film, sending offers out to actors and much, much more.