Updates for Help Refugees - #holidaysforgood - shelter campaign

HELP REFUGEES - Greece Shelter project final 2016 report

Hi All

It’s been a while since my last report that I sent out, after we had finished the fundraising campaign. As a quick reminder, in this last report, I explained that given the current situation and needs across what is undoutedly a globally connected problem, we had decided to shift the focus of our response to the refugee crisis, from France and Dunkirk, to Greece.

Over 1000 backers!

INCREDIBLE: We have just passed the 1000 backers mark. I wanted to send a quick update and thank you for your response and participation in this campaign.

We are still hopeful of reaching our £50,000 target with 18 days left to donate.

Please tell as many people as you can and share this campaign on social media, let's keep this momentum going!

£50,000 will help 345 people, can we do it?



#holidaysforgood - Help Refugees - Can we hit £50,000?

UPDATE: Can we hit £50,000? 

Wow! Thank you so much for the donations that have been rolling in thick and fast. 

Our original target was to raise over £25,000 and so create shelter for over 170 people. In less than two weeks we exceeded this initial goal and increased the target to £35,000 - enough to create 60 shelters and help 240 people. Now, only seven days later, we have met that target as well and have been completely blown away by the response to this campaign. 

The question now is, can we hit £50,000 and help 345 people?

#holidaysforgood - Help Refugees - NEW TARGET £35,000!


Thank you so much for making a huge difference to those living in Dunkirk. In less than two weeks we've hit our original target of £25,000. Together we've raised enough to fund shelters for over 170 people.

But with thousands of women, children, and young and old men living in totally inadequate tents and shelters, we must keep going. We can help so many more people.

So we now have a new target of £35,000. We have 37 days to go, so let's all keep pushing this campaign.

#holidaysforgood - Help Refugees - shelter fundraising campaign - £20k raised!

Well that was fast!

I promise not to keep bombarding you with these updates, but since my last update yesterday afternoon, (to let you know we'd reached the £10k milestone), we've now doubled that! Incredible.

Overnight we've raised a further £10k and are now sitting on a total of over £21k!

£21k is enough for 36 shelters for 150 people... Thank you all so much.

Keep spreading the word!