Updates for Independently publishing Solomon's Secrets

Six weeks and a new goal

Hi everyone and thanks again to those who have pledged so far. With the new adjusted target, I don't have far to go, so keep spreading the word.

A big thank you to those that originally pledged for tickets to the event for being so generous and understanding now that it's not going ahead. You'll be the guests of honour at my new event, which I'll organise separately from the crowd fund.

This project started with a book and somewhere along the way I lost focus. I need to concentrate on publishing the book.

Back to reality...

After a lovely few days abroad it's back to reality with a bruising bump.

Thanks to Berni and Kevfearon for pledging.

I still have a long way to go to reach my goal and I need to switch the focus now on selling tickets to the event.

Pies, music and other consumables

Thanks to the new backers this week:

David & Shirley




Andy & Sara

I'm almost at the halfway point of the campaign and a long way off target. If you are curious about what I plan to spend the budget on, check out the Pie Chart on the pledge page.

I've met some great people this week, including Sally from Bristol Creatives who gave me some great tips. After talking to her I need to switch the focus now to filling the event.

Want to know more about my books? Watch the outtake video...

I was going back through the SD card on my camera this afternoon and found a few videos that I shot when I was putting together the pitch.  Most of them were rubbish, but I did find one that I want to share with you.

It's of me talking about the books. I explain the plots of the books in more detail - so if jacket blurbs aren't enough to persuade you to buy the book and you want more, watch this....

Pragmatism, bright orange cider and a mention in the paper...

I didn't expect this process to be such an emotional rollercoaster! It seemed a simple enough concept; do my sums, make a plan and tell the world - right?

I've had a crisis of confidence over the past few days, after an initial flurry of activity it all went quiet. Like any self (dis)respecting eccentric creative type, my first instinct was to look inwardly at what I was doing wrong.

However, after a pint of bright orange cider (Bristol Port) in one of the many great watering holes in Bristol (The Shakespeare) I’m far more pragmatic about it this evening.

Keep backing and spread the word

Massive thank you to Heather Stephens for being my biggest backer so far.

Keep pledging everyone and tell all of your friends, help me realise my dreams.

Do you like audio books?

If I beat my target I can budget for an audio book. If you'd like to see an audio book option, encourage people to pledge!

My plans for the next week include meeting and supporting some local bands. Can you recommned anyone that you'd like to see at the event?

A big thank you!

A big thank you to my backers so far. Geoff Bartlett, Alice Doughty, Alex Kinsman, Jamie Doughty, Betty, Matt Rogers, Derek Ahmedzai.

Thank you all for supporting me, it really means a lot. Tell all your feirnds about it and I look forward to seeing some of you at the event in September

Amy :)

I'm ready to start...

Had a really useful meeting with Oliver and Derek this morning and I'm raring to go! I'll be starting my project to publish my novel, Solomon's Secrets, at the launch event on 30th April and saying a few words about it then. Looking forward to it

Amy :-)