Updates for Original punk blues album by Bristol-based duo Husky Tones

Album being sent out

 The album has arrived and looks great, we are in the process of sending it out to everyone who sent me their address, and arranged meet ups with Bristol friends to hand copies over. We've already had some incredible feedback on a whole different level to the first album which is wonderful and a relief. When you create something you're really proud of its very exposing sending it out.

Album Update

Hello Everyone, Thank you again so much for helping us make the album, I've just listened back to the final mastered copy again for the first time in a few weeks and it sounds incredible. Stuart Dixon did an amazing job. Proud of what the album is about. This is the press release. We will be doing something very special for the album launch week there will be a launch party in Bristol on the 25th at the Crofters Rights to which you are all invited then a 'tour' which reflects what this album is about to be announced in the new year. There are some videos on our youtube channel.

Album Recording Finished

Hello, I realised its been a while since up dating everyone about the album. We finished recording a couple of weeks back the album has been mastered and now is getting printed. It sounds fantastic we are looking forward to sharing it with you in 2017.   If you're in Bristol this weekend we'll be doing two very different gigs. One acoustic at the Eldon and the other full on punk rock blues electric at the Fleece on Monday. Details on our website (which is also been updated). Thank you all again. Victoria and Chris. xx





Thank you everyone

A huge thank you from Chris and I for all your kind donations they will make a huge difference to us in making the album. We had a fantastic meeting on Saturday at Platform Studios. We're very lucky to be working with an excellent producer the album should sound fantastic. We have some other great annoucements to make late this week as well. I also must thank people for all the  kind offerings of help to do with donating time and skills to help us out. Shed Lunt of Piski Films in particular for taking our album cover photo.

Last Few Days

A huge thank you to everyone for their wonderful support of our project. We've been editing all the demo tracks this week and the album is sounding great. Off to see our producer tomorrow stuart Dixon at Platform studios with all the demos to plan for the recording in Nov. We have some cracking gigs coming up as well.