A Green MP for Kingswood, Bristol


This project finished on Thursday the 2nd of April, 2015

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Help us elect a Green MP in Kingswood

The Green Party wants to make a real impact make sure that the voice of Kingswood is heard.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our crowd-funding page and for your interest in helping me become your Green MP for Kingswood.  

I have worked in the health and wellbeing sector in Bristol for nearly a decade. I understand well the issues people in Kingswood are facing: low life expectancy compared to the rest of England, poverty, increased numbers of people earning below the acceptable living wage, concerns with immigration and the role of the EU.  These are issues we can address by working together.

As a Green Party candidate for Kingswood, my priorities are:

  • Increase in sustainable jobs
  • A free and accessible NHS
  • Cheaper and cleaner transport

I am a human rights and social justice activist. I have had senior management roles for nearly a decade and have a strong understanding of social and economic policies. I run a social enterprise - Bristol Woman, which produces a quarterly magazine for women in Bristol. The magazine has a readership of 15,000 and it highlights the stories of ordinary women in Bristol, who lead extraordinary lives, thus raising debates on everyday sexism and discrimination, domestic abuse, mental health and wellbeing, and parenting.

Thank you for your support.
Cezara Nanu


Every Green Party candidate for parliament needs to pay a £500 - no deposit means no candidate, which means no Green vote. For the Green Party, with no large corporate backers, this presents a considerable financial challenge as we aim to give everyone in the country the opportunity to vote Green in 2015. 

In addition, all candidates have the opportunity to produce one leaflet which will be delivered to every household in the constituency via FreePost. In many cases this will be the only opportunity a Green Party candidate will have to contact every household in their constituency.  Although this FreePost leaflet is available at a much reduced cost of £400, this is still a sizable sum for a party such as ours. This makes a total of £900 which is needed in advance to give everyone in Kingswood the opportunity of voting Green AND a chance for us to tell them why they should do so.

The deposit is returned if at least 5% of those who vote, vote Green. That is just one in every twenty.

With the huge surge in membership nationally and especially within Kingswood  I may well reach this target or even win! Voting Green though is not just about winning - it sends it a strong message to Government that business as usual is simply unacceptable.

If this target is exceeded I will arrange a “Meet the Candidate” event to which all those who contribute to this crowd fund will be invited.


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This project ended on 2 April 2015

This is a take what you raise project. At the end of the funding period the project owner receives all of the pledged funds.

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