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Mexican Street Food on a Double Decker Bus in the Bearpit, Bristol


What's happening?

We are setting up Bearritos. It's a Mexican cantina on a vintage double decker bus in the Bearpit, Bristol. Please watch the video!


What's this Fundsurfer / Crowdfunding deal?

We need to raise £15,000 through reward based crowdfunding to get up and running. Help us with whatever support you can and in return you'll receive some great rewards. Different levels of support offer different rewards which you can redeem as soon as we are up and running. For more info see the rewards list opposite.......

People who pledge get great discounted food deals and we get badly needed start-up money. The Bearpit community group then get a sustainable source of funding from rent we pay pay directly to them. They can carry on their work, such as creating a community garden, many more art installations by local artists, developing the market, local history projects, events and music, outdoor play things for children and adults and so much more.


Haven't heard of the Bearpit?

It's in the centre of Bristol; the informal name for the pedestrianised area of the St James Barton roundabout. It's got an estimated footfall of 10,000 people per day. The Bearpit lies between Stokes Croft & Broadmead/Cabot Circus, making it a transition point from work to play, commercial to independent & mainstream to alternative. 


Why now?

Through four years of community action & local support the Bearpit has been evolving into a truly unique & exciting place, featuring independent trade & local markets, a growing calendar of events as well as an outdoor landscape for local artists, green community gardens & play facilities. 



A bus?

It's a 1979 Bristol VR double decker that has been craned into it's new permanent spot inside the Bearpit. As the name suggests it was built in Bristol and was rescued from a local bus graveyard, renovated and is now awaiting the last stages of conversion to give it a new lease of life. Upstairs will be for dining, downstairs will be the kitchen and water and electricity have already been installed. 


Who are you?

Simon (left)

From - Bedminster. Former Life – Geography Teacher. Simon has been cooking Mexican food for about 20 years and is Mexican street food trader under the name "El Greengo". Amongst others he's most notable for trading at White Ladies Farmer's Market for over 2 years and a member of widely known Bristol Eats (BEATS). He is also currently teacking a Mexican cookery class.

Robin (right)

From - Bishopston. Former Life - Project Manager. Robin has been working with the community in the Bearpit for over 4 years and has supported the bearpit community group in getting funding for many of it's projects. Robin set up and established the Bearpit market. He co-founded the longest running Bearpit business "Bear Fruit" and has supported the start-up of other business in the area in recent years. 




So why Mexican Street Food?

It's what we love! Tacos, burritos, tortas, salsas, quesadillas, chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, molletes.... we want to bring you the freshest original Mexican street food the like of which we experienced on our travels. There will be plenty of vegetarian and vegan options on our original and ever-changing menu and our meat will always be ethically sourced. 





We are leaving our jobs & committing our own money, time & lives to pursue this dream. We just need a bit more help to make it possible.


So what is the £15,000 for?

Kitchen equipment, electrics, plumbing, upholstery, dining area, branding, finishing touches.  



And if the target is not reached?

Let's not think like this. Let's just make it happen. We're also putting £2,000 into this crowdfunding campaign to get it moving.


Why should someone help?


You love Bristol as much as we do!

You love what's happening in the Bearpit and want to help!

You love the bus and the way it has been given a new lease of life!

You love Mexican street food and you want to grab some of our great limited rewards and discounted prices!

You support community change and support alternative financing!

You support the idea of chasing dreams! 


Give money and get rewards?

Great rewards including burrito, taco and torta deals, full meals for groups & private parties, t-shirts & sponsorship. Check out the list and help crowdfund us now!


Anything else?

We're really excited about having this great opportunity. We really appreciate any help you can give us, whether it's sharing our campaign, helping us get up and running or supporting us financially. Thank you and see you soon.


Simon & Robin


Contact us


For more info about what's happening

Our website (we'll be updating in March)








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This project ended on Tuesday the 31st of March, 2015

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£5 – Bearritos Main Meal

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Bearritos Main Meal such as a large burrito or 3 tacos, at a great discounted price

£10 – Double it

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2 x Bearritos Mains + Chips & Salsa

£15 – T-shirt

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A fantastic Bearritos limited edition promotional T-shirt

£25 – T-shirt & Food Deal

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A fantastic Bearritos limited edition promotional T-shirt + 2 Bearritos Main Meals + Chips & Salsa

£25 – Two T's

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2 fantastic Bearritos limited edition promotional T-shirts

£50 – Meal for 4 People

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3 Course Set Menu Meal for 4 with a reserved table upstairs on the bus

£100 – Meal for 10 People

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Pre-Ordered Meal for 10 – 15 people either on-site or delivered to you. Perfect for meetings, parties and gatherings

£200 – Bearritos Bus Sponsorship

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For two weeks you will get some premium advertising and recognition with an A3 size advert on a prime spot on the outside of the bus, featuring your name or your business and a thank you message from us for all passers-by to see

£250 – Bus Party Reward

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Private use of the upstairs area for up to 25 people with a set menu banquet

£500 – (Bigger) Bus Party Reward

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Private use of the upstairs area for up to 30 people, bespoke tailor made menu including Mexican beer & tequila

£500 – (Bigger) Bearritos Bus Sponsorship

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For two weeks you will get some premium advertising and recognition with an A1 size advert on a prime spot on the outside of side of bus, featuring your name or business logo and a thank you message from us for all passers-by to see

£1,000 – Philanthropist

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For no other reason but the great feeling

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