Bell's Baby Half-Marathon :)

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I'm running 13.1 miles at the Hackney half marathon on the 8th of May to raise funds for The Gambian Maternity Foundation! :)

It will be the furthest i've ever run before so feeling nervous but excited about it! :)

I'm raising funds for The Gambian Maternity Foundation, a charity that i'm a part of that is raising funds to collect used & redundant medical equipment from UK hospitals to transport them out to The Gambia to help the mamas & babbers out there. The money will be going towards a large shipping container that we will be sending out once we've collected enough supplies!

I'm enjoying my training so far but it is pretty tough because I had a painful operation at the end of last year which I recovered from at the end of January so i've had to start right from the beginning again but I will hopefully be ok!

Please support me if you've got any spare coppers & we can all save the babies! :)

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