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Funding cuts have put vital services at risk in Oxfordshire. Help us fundraise for homeless people across the county.

Oxford Homeless Pathways is a vibrant and well respected Charity that has been providing accommodation and support for homeless individuals in Oxfordshire for over 30 years.

Our committed staff team work hard to help homeless people understand the issues that have led them to become homeless, to build confidence and resilience to make changes and put in place plans for moving forward into a healthier and more stable future.


Oxford Homeless Pathways or OxHoP as it is known consists of;

- O’Hanlon House, a 56 bed hostel in the centre of Oxford that provides 24 hour support.

- Julian Housing, a variety of supported housing in the community, with over 150 units of accommodation in 28 properties in Oxford and Abingdon.

- Oxford Homeless Medical Fund, which raises donations to support welfare, educational and medical services for homeless people in Oxford, and also runs the PATHS volunteering service to help clients attend health care and other vital appointments.


The average life span of a single homeless man is forty six. Every year over 600 homeless people use our services and we believe that through our work we help save lives, preserve dignity and challenge the social stigma attached to homelessness.

Recent cuts in government funding mean that 83 beds at Julian Housing will not be funded in 2017. This is devastating news and the impact of this is that we risk having to lose over half of our second stage housing out in the community.

This kind of second stage housing is a vital step that helps people prepare for independence. Without projects like Julian Housing, many people may never get the opportunity to work towards independent living with the security of a support team behind them. These types of projects help to break the cycle of homelessness by ensuring that people have the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence, to move on into stable and independent lives. Last year 97% of clients that moved on from Julian Housing did not return to homelessness.


Here’s Matthew’s story:

Matthew had an unstable upbringing and had struggled with substance abuse and offending issues for most of his life. Soon after arriving at Oxford Homeless Pathways, we managed to get Matthew heavily engaged in our Step-Up program in which he had the opportunity to take part in training, education and activities such as: Rock climbing, cooking lessons, running our market stall, football tournaments, first aid training, yoga, and volunteering opportunities. During his time at O’Hanlon House, Matthew’s paranoia decreased and his confidence in himself grew steadily over the months he stayed with us. Due to his high achievement and engagement of our programmes, we were able to refer Matthew on to Julian housing, our move on ready project where clients live in shared houses in the community. Matthew moved into a property in October and is still doing very well there. 


Homelessness has gone up by 50% annually since 2013, and with rising numbers like this, less bed spaces available can only mean the numbers of people living on our streets, will rise even more dramatically.

How you can help.

With our dedicated staff and volunteers we are committed to continuing to provide the help and support homeless people really need to get their lives back but we can’t do it alone.

We are asking our local communities to get behind this appeal and help raise vital funds for vulnerable people living on our streets.

Please give what you can and receive a little reward from us to say thank you.

Together... We can save lives, We can change lives and We can rebuild lives.

Thank You

Share your time and skills...

If anyone is interested in helping us in other ways, there are many ways you can get involved. - Corporate Partnerships - Volunteering - Awareness - Pro Bono Work Please contact us on info@oxhop.org.uk for more details.

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£1 – will contribute to a Hot Meal

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For just £1 you can contribute to providing someone with a hot meal each day.
We provide food for up to 80 homeless individuals each day, and our kitchen is run almost entirely by volunteers.

£5 – will buy a new Towel

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All our residents and verified rough sleepers are able to access services in O'Hanlon House, and are provided with a variety of toiletries. By donating £5 you can ensure someone a towel when they come into our building, so they can have a hot shower.
As a little Thank You for your kindness we will send you a certificate.

£12 – to buy a Kettle

5 people want this

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We try to set people up with the basic household items when they move into independent accommodation. For £12 you can ensure someone has a kettle when they move in, for that well earned first cup of tea in their new home.
As a little Thank You for your kindness we will send you a certificate.

£30 – will buy new Bedding

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£30 could buy someone a new set of single bedding for their room in either O'Hanlon House, Julian Housing, or even for their own independent home.

As a little Thank You for your kindness we will send you a certificate.

£50 – will enable Gym Access for someone with mental health issues

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£50 can pay for 5 clients to have access to a local gym. Its has been proven that healthy physical activity and exercise can build confidence, help with stress or anxiety and ease mental health issues.

As a Thank You for your kindness we will send you a certificate and a blog update.

£100 – will help homeless people get back into employment

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£100 can pay for 5 clients to get qualified via the Construction Skills Certification Scheme. Anyone who wants to set foot onto a construction site must have this qualification. This opens up opportunities of future employment for our clients.

As a Thank You for your kindness we will send you a certificate and a blog update.

£250 – will buy Sleeping Bags for emergency accommodation

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£250 can supply sleeping bags and roll mats for 10 rough sleepers used in our emergency bed spaces, 'Sit-Up'.

As a Thank You for your kindness we will send you a certificate and a blog update.

£500 – could help with education and employment

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£500 could buy two computers to be used for IT training, CV writing, job applications and much more.

As a Thank You for your kindness we will send you a certificate, a blog update and an entry on our role of honour.

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