Bristol52 Charity Dragon Boat Race

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Let's get a Bristol52 boat in the Dragon Boat Race in September and raise money for another great charity

On 14th September this year the annual Dragon Boat Race will take place in Baltic Wharf - and I want Bristol52 to take part!

Each Chinese-style Dragon Boat consists of 16 paddlers and a drummer. They race other Dragon Boats over a 250-metre course.

Crews do not need to be super fit or skilled to take part. All that's required is teamwork and a good sense of fun!

The racing is run by leading events company Dragon Boat Events Ltd who provide the boats, helms, safety equipment, buoyancy aids and rescue boats.


Entering a non-Sue Ryder charity supporting team into the day costs £375 and a commitment for each crew member to raise at least £100.

The charity the Bristol52 boat will support hasn't been decided yet, but as we did for #FatherBristmas, a vote will be held to find the local cause we want to help.


By supporting this Fundsurfer and pledging money you are basically "buying" your place on the boat.

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Get these rewards

£24 – Boat Backer

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Secure a place amongst the 16 rowers (or be the drummer) on the Bristol52 boat this September.

£15 – Funky Fashion

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Support the boat, the Bristol52 project AND look snazzy with a quality t-shirt printed with the new Bristol52 logo

£5 – Helping Hand

You might not want to be on the boat, but you may want to see it happen. Lend a helping hand by backing the project!

£10 – Better Business

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The shirts (also worn by the boat's crew) will have enough room to promote two of Bristol's brightest and best small businesses. Pledge and get drawn from the hat and that can be you!

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