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The need for Sleep Pod one person emergency shelters is still great. We want to be able to put an additional 500 Sleep Pods on the streets this winter

Sleep Pods are a one person emergency shelter. They have been called a game changer by our distribution partners who give them to rough sleepers throughout the UK and refugees throughout Europe. If people are sleeping underneath the stars for whatever reason, then we want to be able to offer our Sleep Pod. 

Sleep Pod should be seen as an emergency shelter, a way for charities to engage with entrenched rough sleepers and refugees ahead of more professional services being accessed. Our distribution partners know how to target those that will benefit most.

Sleep Pods are light-weight, come in their own bag and are quick and easy to put up and pack away. They are windproof and rain resistant. Sleep Pods self-warm, reflecting the users body heat back towards them. This is the feature of the design that users find particularly beneficial. In recent tests when the outside temperature was -16 degrees, the "next to body" temperature was +22 degrees. 

People still die of hypothermia and exposure to the element and this is not acceptable. We need to protect the vulnerable, we need to protect them in the cold and the dark. We need to show them that we care, because we do and with each person that supports us we are able to help more people.  

Thank you - we really appreciate your support.

The Sleep Pod Team.

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