JET! - A sci-fi novel by Phil Phoenix

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Follow Sirk and Cita's adventures in the adventure sci-fi novel JET!

April 4th 3387. Captain Sirk Notaani is about to embark on a mission to another planet; one which is believed to support humanoid life.

Leaving his wife Cita and his friends is not going to be easy but his pride and sense of adventure mean he cannot refuse the challenge, or the chance to explore this intriguing planet.

Surviving a crash-landing on arrival, the fearless Sirk has to search for a means of fixing his ship or be stranded there forever.

Hi, my name is Phil Phoenix, and I love to write adventure science fiction. 

I published the first book in the JET! trilogy in 2003. Here are some of the things peopl have said about it: "JET is top notch reading", "good old-fashioned sci-fi", "highly recommend it", "a very enjoyable Sci if adventure".

Now I am trying to raise some money to reprint and market it.

I have a quote for about £1800 for publishing and £680 for marketing. So including Fundsurfer and credit card costs I am trying to raise £2600. The more money I make the more I can spend on marketing.

To reward you for your donations I am offering you

  • £1 - a thank you on my website
  • £2 - the story as an ebook
  • £8 - a paperback copy of JET!
  • £15 - a signed paperback copy of JET!

Here is a bit more about the story:

He finds himself in battle with terrifying giant beetles, fighting off a colossal anaconda, and befriending a family of over-sized tortoiseshell cats. Captured by a race of grotesque, violent beings the likes of which he has never seen before, Sirk fears for his life.

Will he ever make it back to his beloved Cita? And what is it about this planet that is arousing Sirk’s suspicions; not only about the mission he has undertaken but also the people who sent him on it?

Jet! is the first book of the JET trilogy by Phil Phoenix. Set in the future and full of good humour, this fun, energetic first book tells a tale of intrigue and daring and contains a stark warning to us humans.

By supporting my crowdfunding project you will be helping my dream come true! So thank you!

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£2 – JET! ebook

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£8 – JET! paperback

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£15 – Signed JET! paperback

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