Love the Locks: KEEP the padlocks on Pero's bridge!

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Donate to keep the love locks on Pero's Bridge! Beat the Lose the Locks campaign and keep these heartfelt mementos on our bridge

My friend is rubbish. He's started a Lose the Locks campaign to buy BOLTCUTTERS to cut the gorgeous love locks off Pero's bridge (the horned bridge on Bristol harbourside). Arghh.

I think they're beautiful, so I've started the LOVE THE LOCKS campaign. The deal is, if our LOVE raises more money than his LOSE, we buy the boltcutters off him and the locks can STAY!

I know, you're wondering what happens to the money? One thing my friend and I agree on is that Relate is an amazing charity, so we're going to donate ALL proceeds to them once this campaign is over.

PLEASE donate!! We want to keep LOVE in the HEART of BRISTOL. And show my idiot friend he's an idiot!!!



POSTCARD! If YOU'VE put a lock on the bridge, you probably want to write a thank you postcard to some of our supporters? Get in touch at, then someone who gives £10 or more could get a postcard from you! If you claim this reward then you might be giving your address to a complete stranger so be careful! (maybe use your work address or something)



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Anyone donating more than £10 has a chance to receive a thank you postcard from a lovelocker! Read the main campaign page for more details.

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